NYC Feeds Everbody

Mar 16, 2013 by

Send us your hunger and we will give Obama stamps to all!

New data reveals that the number of New York City residents on food stamps has more than doubled under billionaire Mayor Michael Bloomberg.


According to the Independent Budget Office (IBO), 800,000 New Yorkers received food stamps in 2002. Today, New York City has 1.8 million food stamp recipients, costing taxpayers $3.4 billion a year.


IBO spokesperson Doug Turetsky says the Bloomberg Administration’s aggressive food stamp marketing and outreach has helped put more New Yorkers on the welfare rolls.

This month, New York City had a record 50,000 people a night sleeping in homeless shelters.


Last week, the USDA reported that national food stamp enrollments hit an all-time high of 47,791,996 people.

NYC Food Stamp Use Doubles Under Mayor Bloomberg.

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