NYC schools: Melinda on Monday, Fred on Friday

Jul 27, 2019 by

Students can now easily change their gender, and their legal name, in New York’s public schools.

Breitbart News reports students wishing to do so must get their parents’ permission but no legal documentation is required.

Laurie Higgins with the Illinois Family Institute says the allowance invites confusion in classrooms and potential problems after these students graduate.

“If they are socially transitioning at school, changing their name and their gender on their school records without legal documentation, are they going to continue that then?” she asks. “And are they going to get their legal documentation changed? Then, later in life, what if they de-transition?”

So-called transgender rights have enjoyed a major push by homosexual activists in recent years and Mayor Bill de Blasio’s wife, Chirlane McCray, is predictably applauding the city’s public schools for embracing such pro-transgender ideology.

New York City already implemented an Orwellian business ordinance over “mis-gendering” customers that includes a whopping maximum $250,000 fine

Yes, $250,000 for “he” instead of “she.” The liberal, fact-checking website Snopes was forced to admit that fine amount is no right-wing talking point but pointed out businesses won’t be punished if the offense is an accident.

“Our government should not be doing this, and teaching it, and promoting it to kids,” Higgins complains. “And that’s what they’re doing through both policy and curricula.”

Source: NYC schools: Melinda on Monday, Fred on Friday

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