NYC schools unveil all-girls high school wrestling

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History has been made in New York City schools — with all-girls wrestling.

As CBS 2’s Dave Carlin reported Thursday, some girls used to wrestle on boy’s teams, but now they finally have a league of their own.

When asked to describe herself, 15-year-old Ronnie Green said don’t pin her down, because she can be both super sweet, and rough and tough.

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“I like the adrenaline I get when I win. I feel like I’m on top of the world,” Green said.

The ninth grader at Harlem’s Randolph High is a founding member of the Public Schools Athletic League’s first all-girls wrestling league.

“When I’m having trouble in school I feel no one will mess with me ’cause I’m on the wrestling team,” Green said.

She said she wanted to be a cheerleader, then decided wrestling was better.

She was the only girl on her school’s wrestling team, giving her experience many new players envy.

“I feel they look up to me, want to practice with me, and I feel pretty important,” Green said.

About 250 girls from 16 schools are in the league and they said what they’re learning helps them on and off the mat.

“We’re trying to make them more confident individuals, stronger individuals,” coach Ken Bigley said. “Teaching them to be aggressive, teaching them to get after it. It’s a little bit challenging.”

Coaches said they wondered if coaching girls’ wrestling would be like coaching the team depicted in the Tom Hanks movie “A League Of Their Own.”

And it turns out many of their coaches think the girls are actually tougher than the boys.

“They’re more athletic. They are in tune to working hard. The boys are the hard time. The girls are easier,” coach Mike Torriero said.

“There are no rugby teams, football teams for girls. I’d like to see more of that,” wrestler Ria Mainali said.

What’s next? The young wrestlers are relishing equal athletic opportunities and maybe even a shot at the 2020 Olympics.


The opening matches in New York City’s new league are set for April 6.

NYC schools unveil all-girls high school wrestling – CBS News.

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