NYU teacher takes class on May Day field trip; Communist freaks out

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NEW YORK – As a former resident of the Soviet Union, Vladimir Jaffe is keenly aware of the pain and suffering caused under communism. Jaffe often goes to various protests to ask people about their views.

A new video Jaffe posted on YouTube is yet another illustration that academic indoctrination is alive and well at universities across the country. The video was taken on “May Day,” and shows an NYU professor holding signs for the Communist group, “May 1st coalition for worker and immigrant rights.”

The website reveals, “this year’s main demands are: raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour, legalization not deportations or detentions, and immediate contracts with full retro pay for all workers.”

Some of their “endorsers” include various unions, as well as the Workers Communist Organization and the Workers World Party.

Jaffe spoke with the professor, who brought her students to the event. She said that the course is “Latina Feminisms,” which is offered through the NYU Department of Social & Cultural Analysis and described at the NYU website as a ”seminar on contemporary cultural production by Latina feminist artists.”  Take a minute to explore their other courses.

“It wasn’t by coincidence I planned for today the part on…immigrant domestic laborers,” the professor told Jaffe.

She continued to tell Jaffe that she is teaching her students about “conditions of domestic labor for immigrants and undocumented women,” but said that it was her students that requested to attend the May Day protest. She also said that although she supported the $15.00 minimum wage increase, her students did not have to agree with her.

Jaffe moved on to some of her students, who seemed to agree with the increase and did not understand why employers may want to have qualified workers before committing to pay them $15.00 per hour.

During the conversation, a man wearing a “Fight Imperialism Stand Together” shirt, ran over to warn the students about Jaffe, who he said was a “Republican” who is “not actually Russian” and “goes to these things and tries to video people and makes these edited videos to make it look like all communists are stupid.”

After frightening the students away, Jaffe went to speak with the self-proclaimed communist who was manning the “Peoples Power Assemblies” booth and did the air quote thing, calling Jaffe ”Vlad i MEER.”

Not surprisingly, the man was not interested in engaging in a conversation.

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