Obama and Feinstein: A Prediction

Mar 19, 2013 by

Doug Lasken – What story are you not following in the news this morning? That’s a strange question, you say- how are you supposed to know what you’re not following? There are people, however, whose job is to know what story you are not following, and among those people are President Obama and his advisors, who know that this morning you are not following Senator Diane Feinstein’s bill against assault weapons.

And it’s true, isn’t it? You may have seen an article here and there last week about Feinstein’s attempt to reinstate the assault weapons ban, but when you woke up this morning you were not thinking about it. Probably you were not thinking about anything in the news- just trying to figure out how you would get through the rest of your week. The President and his advisors are watching you not thinking about Feinstein’s bill, and they will be monitoring your reaction when the National Rifle Association (NRA) directs its Congressional friends to shoot the bill down. If you notice that event at all, you will think to yourself, “The President tried, but he just can’t fight the NRA’s clout in Congress.”

Of course, you would be wrong to think that, as you would know if you had been thinking about the Feinstein bill on the days when you weren’t, because the President is doing nothing to support the bill. He has no presence in Congress on the issue, he is not horse-trading about it, not talking about it, not focusing us on it. And with good reason, because Obama has no intention of taking on the NRA, and never did. He has, in fact, never in his career taken on any entrenched interest. He goes along and plays along, and never gets burned.

How does he do it? He does it with rhetoric and a sure knowledge of how absent minded the American liberal public is, how desperate it is to believe in someone, especially an eloquent black man who can say the right things when children are gunned down by an armed maniac, then sneak away from the fight when no one is looking. In a few days, when Feinstein’s bill is killed, he will say that we must do something to confront the NRA, and everyone will think, “Wow, what a humanitarian hero our President is!” It will look real because no Republican will point out the discrepancy. They will be busy making noise, useful to Obama, about how the president wants to take away all our guns.

If Obama plays his cards right, when the Feinstein bill is killed he’ll be in the Middle East, posing as someone who wants to get people there to stop shooting at each other. Then after he leaves the region, it can blow-up and he’ll smell like a rose in foreign policy as well.

The only hope of stopping this consummate con-artist is the Republican Party, but that has become a dim hope indeed. All the big names- Ryan, Romney, Christie, Santorum, Gingrich, Palin, Beck, et al, are at each others throats, blaming each other for the unpopularity of Republican positions. How sweet it is for the President now. His next four years must seem to him like a well-deserved vacation.

How will our two-party system survive its present malfunction? Ordinarily I would predict that towards the end of his lame-duck term, the President will start to make mistakes and take the blame for everyone’s problems, and a GOP candidate will assume the presidency, keeping alive the myth of opposition and a two-party system. This time, though, I’m not sure we can go four long years like this without something giving. A likely scenario is that war will break out and everyone will stop wondering why we can’t do anything about armed maniacs or anything else, and get behind the Great Leader. Obama will then do his final sneak off the stage and into the history books unscathed, not remembered as the man who was ineffective after Sandy Hook, or the man who was not able to bring peace, or the man who let Wall Street walk free- he’ll just be the first Afro-American President, a wonderful guy who played basketball and kissed babies.

Republicans, any ideas?

via Lasken’s Log.

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