Obama deported millions & killed thousands

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By Piers Morgan –

That Barack Obama’s a lovely guy, right?

Handsome, intelligent, eloquent, charming, witty; he can sing, dance, shoot hoops, and make speeches that stir the soul.

Oh, and he’s a great husband, father, son and friend.

In fact, to many around the world, President Perfect is the complete antithesis of his replacement Donald Trump.

That’s why millions have marched to protest against the current POTUS, who they brand the ‘new Hitler.’

That Barack Obama’s a lovely guy, right? He’s a great husband, father, son and friend.

Handsome (did you see that cool leather jacket this week?) charming, witty; he can sing, dance, shoot hoops, and make speeches that stir the soul

Why, they squeal with rage, can’t ‘Monster’ Trump just be more like ‘Saint’ Obama?


Forgive me if I don’t join the ecstatic global race to canonize Mr Obama quite so enthusiastically.

For beneath his ever-smiley beatific halo lies a rather different, far murkier reality.

My favourite question for the anti-Trump brigade is this: ‘How many people did Barack Obama deport from America during his eight years as President?’

Most people guess 5,000, maybe 10,000. Even those with a good knowledge of how the real world of US immigration policy works rarely respond with a number higher than around 500,000.

In fact, Obama deported nearly THREE MILLION people.

That is the most deported by any president, ever.

His appalled critics even dubbed him ‘Deporter-in-Chief.’

When challenged, Obama loved to pretend that he was only deporting ‘criminals’.

The truth is very different. Over half of all immigrants deported under Obama had no criminal convictions. Many others were slung out for minor offences involving traffic violations or marijuana possession.

The truth about Obama’s presidency? He deported three million people. He also was a hawk, served two terms of war and killed thousands of people with drones – ordering 26,171 bombs dropped and they all targeted Muslims

Obama also loved to make out that when it came to killing people, he was a very reluctant dove; a man of peace, not war.

Again, the truth is the complete opposite.

He was at war longer than any president in US history, and is the only president to have served two whole terms with America at war.

By contrast, the much-maligned Jimmy Carter never ordered a US military bullet to be fired in anger during his four-year tenure.

Obama was a hawk, alright, and a lethal one.

Recently released figures revealed that in 2016, US special operations were active in 70% of the world’s nations, or 138 countries. This was a 130% increase over Bush’s administration.

In the same year, Obama ordered his military to drop at least 26,171 bombs. That’s 72 a day, or three every hour.

They rained relentlessly down on seven majority-Muslim countries – Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen, Somalia and Pakistan.

Yes, Bomber Barack deliberately targeted Muslims, folks.

Only he wasn’t exposing them to ‘extreme vetting’ as Trump wants to do, he was killing them.

Obama ordered 10 times more drone strikes than George W. Bush, a mind-blowing statistic.

Yet when he left office, his administration laughably tried to claim only 117 civilians died in all this bombing.

That was an obvious lie.

Independent assessors put the estimated death toll massively higher, in the 1000s.

So Obama killed a lot of innocent people but prefers us not to know about it.

He also allowed a lot of other innocent people to die in Syria by choking when President Assad crossed Obama’s chemical weapons ‘red line’.

That empowered both Assad and Vladimir Putin, and weakened America.

This wasn’t the only time Obama said one thing and did another.

His lofty moral principles were never more startlingly exposed than with his broken election pledge in 2008 to shut Guantanamo Bay.

‘As president, Barack Obama will close the detention center facility at Guantanamo,’ it stated.

Not ‘might’ or ‘will try’ but ‘will’.

Yet, it’s still open, eight years later, and remains a toweringly disgraceful monument of illegal detention and torture that makes a mockery of Obama’s claim to stand for justice and fairness.

Broken promises became a theme of Obama’s tenure.

Under him, over 250,000 people in America died from gun violence.

Obama tearfully vowed to the parents of the 20 slain children at Sandy Hook elementary school he would ‘get action’ on new gun control laws, a message he repeated ad nauseam after each mass shooting.

Source: PIERS MORGAN: Obama deported millions & killed thousands | Daily Mail Online

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