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Obama Shadow Government

3.29.18 – Campaign for Working Families  – from Gary Bauer


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Excerpts from this article:


Strzok Strikes Again

Late yesterday there was a bombshell report from Fox News providing yet more evidence of what may be the biggest political scandal in American history.  Of course, the information was completely ignored by Big Media.

We know from previous reporting that Barack Obama was meddling in the FBI’s work as early as September 2016.  (Remember, Obama assured us that he never talked to the attorney general or the FBI about pending investigations.)

Newly discovered text messages (yes, we are still finding them!) from FBI agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page suggest the Obama White House was meddling well before that, perhaps even right from the beginning.  Here’s what we know: 

  • Former FBI Director James Comey said that the investigation of the Trump campaign began in late July 2016.  On August 2nd, Page sent a text to Strzok warning him to “Make sure you can lawfully protect what you sign. Just thinking about Congress, [Freedom of Information Act requests], etc.”  That’s an odd thing for one FBI agent to tell another agent. 


  • The next day, Strzok replied that then Deputy Director Andrew McCabe was already worried about “information control.” 


  • On August 8th, Strzok texted Page about a cyber intelligence briefing that was being put together for Comey to present to Obama Chief of Staff Dennis McDonough. 


  • Days later, then CIA Director John Brennan held a private briefing with Senate Democrat Leader Harry Reid.  Two days after that, Harry Reid wrote a letter to James Comey, based on the information he got from Brennan, demanding an investigation of the Trump campaign. 


  • On August 29th, the New York Times reported on Reid’s letter to Comey. 


  • On August 30th, Strzok sends a text to Page, “Here we go” with a link to the Times story, adding that Comey said he had talked to Reid and knew the letter was coming. 


So, what does this information tell us?

Congressional investigators warn that the FBI and the CIA are supposed to be “independent agencies.”  Yet they appeared to be coordinating, almost from the very beginning, with the Democrat White House, with Democrat leaders in Congress and with their liberal allies in the media to push a narrative damaging to the Republican presidential nominee.

This is Watergate on steroids!

The Left’s Extremism

Yesterday I mentioned that a Pennsylvania Planned Parenthood affiliate thought it would be really neat for Disney to push the left’s agenda on kids by featuring a princess who had an abortion.  Well, here’s another example of the left forcing its radical agenda on the rest of us.

Last year Kaelin Swaney read a book called “I Am Jazz” to her class of kindergartners.  It’s a book about a boy who thinks he is a girl.  She also read a book about crayons — the blue one “identifies” as a red one.

As you can imagine, many parents in this Sacramento suburb were furious when their kindergartners came home confused and concerned that they might change genders.

They asked to be allowed to opt their children out of future discussions about “gender identity.”  The school refused.  Permitting students to opt out of such discussions, the school claimed, “creates a discriminatory environment that is prohibited by law.”

In other words, the left has no tolerance for anyone else’s opinions or beliefs.  It intends to force its views on all of us, even little kids.  And to further prove the point, Ms. Swaney was honored this week as the California Charter School Association’s Teacher of the Year.

The good news is that the Trump/Pence team has been doing everything it can to rollback Obama’s extremism at the Department of Education and the Pentagon.

We need to do our part.  Trump needs more allies in Congress, not more Pelosi clones.

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