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Mar 26, 2013 by

JOHN KING, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Obama likes to — you know, he’ll come in, ‘What are you doing?’ and put his arm around you. He likes it that way. But he’s gone, unless you work for CBS News — I’m gonna get killed for this — he’s gone dark.

BRIAN MCGRORY, BOSTON GLOBE EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: It’s unbelievable how dark he has gone in terms — plus his White House access. There is none now, right?

KING: Part of it is, and they think — and they’re right to a degree because they’ve succeeded. They won reelection. Now, they won reelection, we can criticize the other candidate if you want, it’s historic, though. If you look at our history, again, because of technology, because of the changing communications and political environment, we always want to study by the old rules. But, you know, no President since FDR has won with unemployment above 7.2% … It’s still pretty amazing given everything the country went through and given that he was our first African-American President. And we’re still, you know, no where near where we need to get on the race question.

via CNN, Boston Globe Agree: Obama Has ‘Gone Dark’ To Press, No ‘White House Access’.

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