Obama is removing the Constitution

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Americans have lost their will to stand against federal intrusion and dictatorial power of a tyrant!

Presidential policies pave foundation for future federal takeover of the Internet.

Obama’s policies will allow for a future government takeover of the Internet, involving multiple agencies including the Department of Homeland Security, under the guise of “national security needs” and “crisis management.”

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In July 2012, Obama quietly released an executive order entitled Assignment of National Security and Emergency Preparedness Communications Functions.

The order created the National Security and Emergency Preparedness (NS/EP) Executive Committee consisting of federal agencies such as:

– Department of Defense
– Department of Homeland Security
– Department of State
– Department of Justice
– Department of Commerce
– General Services Administration
– Federal Communications Commission
– Office of the Director of National Intelligence

It should be noted that the Director of National Intelligence is James Clapper, notorious for lying to Congress in March on the extent of the NSA’s domestic surveillance.

Here are some highlights of the executive order, which is available in full.

Sec. 5.2. (Responsibilities of the DHS) (e) satisfy priority communications requirements through the use of commercial, Government, and privately owned communications resources, when appropriate; (f) maintain a joint industry-Government center that is capable of assisting in the initiation, coordination, restoration, and reconstitution of NS/EP communications services or facilities under all conditions of emerging threats, crisis, or emergency;

This allows the DHS, working jointly and directly with private Internet Service Providers, to easily take over the Internet by claiming priority over private communication lines in the name of “national security.”

In the future, the DHS and other federal agencies can respond to whistleblower leaks, such as Edward’s Snowden’s revelation that the NSA has direct access to major Internet servers, by claiming they are “emerging threats” and “violations of National Security communications.”

Unconstitutional abuses leaked to media outlets can be suppressed by the government with this framework created through Obama’s executive orders.

Internet censorship will be brought to you by “national security needs” and “crisis management.”

Earlier this year, Obama released another executive order entitled Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity.

This order created “essential” public-private partnerships with Internet infrastructure owners and operators “to improve cybersecurity information sharing.”

Amusingly, the executive order has provisions to ensure privacy and civil liberties. Edward Snowden exposed this complete lie several months later with the PRISM slides.

This is a great example of the doublespeak within these executive orders.

Under innocent-sounding guise, Obama dictates policies that are intended for more sinister purposes.

The further involvement of DHS into Internet “security” could very well highlight this point.

The next 9/11 could easily be a cyber attack, such as a massive financial collapse blamed on “foreign hackers.”

This is a very real possibility considering that the majority of the money supply is digital in our fractional reserve, fiat economy (explained starting at the 7:54 mark of this G. Edward Griffin interview).

Could the DHS take advantage of a claimed cyber warfare attack by imposing a virtual TSA on the American people, requiring them to be identified and screened before using sections of cyberspace?

We’ve already seen a New York bill trying to outlaw the on-line use of anonymous screen names.

Google and Yahoo are also now asking for telephone numbers upon registration of new user accounts.

Between the NSA soaking up all the digital communications by the public and the DHS’s increased involvement in cyber security, the freedom of anonymous expression is in great peril.

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