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stethoscope-on-dollar-heap-187x125by Donna Garner




“You shall know them by their fruits.”  Matt. 7:20.  This wise statement explains that the way we can know someone else is by observing what they do and say.




Now that Obama has been in the White House since 2008, we know him well. He is a Narcissist who has an inflated sense of himself, thinks he is superior to the American people, has little regard for the feelings of others whom he personally attacks, and is extremely vulnerable to even the slightest criticism.






10.14.13 – “Obama’s Vision of Unity Led Only to a Wider Gap” – by Matt Viser — Boston Globe  — http://www.bostonglobe.com/news/politics/2013/10/13/the-purple-nation-president-obama-once-envisioned-has-grown-into-hues-deeper-red-and-blue/xxGBjFlwZXTRMp7kEx2F0I/story.html



Excerpts from this article:


“In nearly five years in office, Obama has met individually with Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell two times, according to a review of White House visitor logs, pool reports, and press releases…


Obama has visited Democrat-leaning ‘blue’ states six times more often than he has visited Republican ‘red’ states…



None of his major legislative accomplishments — the stimulus, health care, and financial reforms — received more than six Republican votes.


In sum, one of the biggest failures of Obama’s presidency is that, five years after he took office vowing to close the partisan divide, the capital he now oversees and the country he represents are far more divided than they were before he came.



Obama has golfed nearly 150 times as president, for example, yet only four of those trips are known to have included members of Congress (and only two of them included Republicans).






by Donna Garner



We need to remember that it was Obama who was responsible for the recent government shut down because he refused to negotiate with the House to keep the government open.



Obama issued 15 veto threats to House bills – even to bills that had bipartisan support to open up government services such as the Dept. of Veterans Affairs and the national parks.



It was Obama and the people he hired to head his agencies who chose to shut down various government services – many of which had never been affected during past shut downs.



Obama played a political game of “Gotcha”  to make the shutdowns as painful as possible on the American people so that they would blame the Republicans even though he is the one who should bear their wrath.




Donna Garner


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