Obamacare Costs One Indiana School District $6 Million

Oct 26, 2013 by

obamacare1But they opt to cut school workers’ hours instead.

Obamacare is costing one Indiana school district $6 million, WTHI reports:

“In the past, we’ve told you about the new federal healthcare law and how small business and local governments have been hit,” said the anchor. “The next area affected by the law could be education.”

The reporter adds, “The affordable care act has had its proponents as much as it’s had its opponents. In the last few months we’ve heard different stories from private and government employers on the cuts, they’ve had to make. However, in Vigo county some of those cuts will come at the cost of education.”

“So what we had to do the other evening at the board meeting was to cut worker’s hours to below 30 because we cannot afford to offer health care to every employee,” says the superintendent

It would cost $6 million a year to provide health care to every employee who works more than 30 hours, says the superintendent.

via Obamacare Costs One Indiana School District $6 Million | The Weekly Standard.

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