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8.21.13 – Wall Street Journal




Republicans Do Have Ideas for Health Care

But liberals don’t like to admit it because the GOP would put patients, not government, in charge.

By Karl Rove


Excerpts from this article:


…Mr. Obama and his hallelujah chorus are wrong. Republicans have plenty of sensible ideas to make health coverage more accessible and more affordable.


Many congressional Republicans, such as Oklahoma’s Sen. Tom Coburn and Wyoming’s Sen. Mike Enzi, have long advocated making health insurance completely portable so workers can take their plans with them from job to job. This means giving individuals who buy coverage for themselves a tax advantage similar to the one that employers enjoy when they cover employees. That change also could make coverage more affordable for the self-employed and even universal for all workers.


In the House, Republicans such as Texas Rep. Sam Johnson and Louisiana’s Charles Boustany (a cardiovascular surgeon), want to allow smaller companies to pool their risk to get the same discounts from insurance carriers that bigger companies do.


Others, including Rep. Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee and Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan, want to spark increased competition by allowing health-insurance policies to be sold across state lines, as are auto insurance policies.


ObamaCare reduced the amount families can save tax free for medical expenses; the House Republican Study Committee wants to raise the amount. Paired with health-savings accounts, this can put quality health care within the reach of many more families.


Defensive medicine—the use of unnecessary tests and procedures to ward off malpractice suits—cost Medicare and Medicaid an estimated $55.6 billion in 2008, according to a 2010 study in Health Affairs.

Thus Texas Rep. Lamar Smith has championed medical liability reform at the federal level to rein in junk lawsuits, despite qualms that the issue should be left to the states.


Texas Reps. Mike Burgess (who practiced obstetrics and gynecology) and Joe Barton have introduced bills to establish transparency in pricing and medical outcomes so patients can compare the costs for procedures at area hospitals and their relative success in performing them.


Louisiana Rep. Bill Cassidy, also a physician, has introduced a bill that would allow Medicaid patients to convert the value of their government benefit to pay for private coverage.


Republicans have put these and other ideas into comprehensive reform packages. Georgia Rep. Tom Price, an orthopedic surgeon, has introduced a comprehensive alternative to ObamaCare that includes many of the GOP’s reforms.


Tennessee’s Phil Roe, a retired OB/GYN, will introduce a new ObamaCare replacement package next month when Congress returns.


Mr. Enzi first introduced a comprehensive bill including GOP reform proposals in 2007 and has updated it regularly.


The president and his liberal posse have a fundamental, philosophical objection to conservative ideas on health care. They oppose reforms that put the patient in charge rather than government, that rely on competition rather than regulation, and that strengthen market forces rather than weaken them.


…As Wyoming’s Sen. John Barrasso, one of the GOP’s leading health-care reformers and an orthopedic surgeon, puts it: “Republicans have ideas that actually deliver what Americans want—lower costs and greater access. Our ideas will win because they will improve health care in our country.”


8.10.12 – “The Horror of This Healthcare Bill” – by Donna Garner — http://educationviews.org/the-horror-of-this-healthcare-bill/




Link to view the ObamaCare flowchart: http://kevinbrady.house.gov/uploads/Obamacare%20Chart.pdf



8.27.12 — ObamaCare Summed up in One Sentence – by Barbara Bellar, M. D.  – HILARIOUS —


YouTube Video (1 minute and 42 seconds) —  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vdnY8r7_fLw



Dr. Barbara Bellar is not your typical person. Starting out as a nun, she went on to become a Major in the Army, a Doctor, a Lawyer, and a small business entrepreneur. Her life is encompassed by one phrase, serving others.



Final text of H. R. 3590  — The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (a.k.a., ObamaCare)


(7th version at the bottom of the page – Enrolled Version):





PDF of Enrolled Version – 7th —  http://www.gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/BILLS-111hr3590enr/pdf/BILLS-111hr3590enr.pdf




3.21.10 – The last vote on H. R. 3590 occurred in the House – House 165.




Needed 216 to pass – received 219


Republicans who voted for the bill:  0

Republicans who voted against the bill:  178

Other:  0


Democrats who voted for the bill:  219

Democrats who voted against the bill:  34

Other:  0




4.4.10 — Committee on Ways and Means – Republicans – Ranking Member: Dave Camp


Timeline on ObamaCare: http://republicans.waysandmeans.house.gov/UploadedFiles/WM_hcr_timelinel.pdf




H. R. 3590 was signed by President Obama on 3.23.10.


Bill Progress and Bill Actions: http://politics.nytimes.com/congress/bills/111/hr3590




Donna Garner




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