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Drudge Report editor Joseph Curl noted in his Sunday column in the Washington Times that many ordinary Americans around the country were upset with the extravagant lifestyles President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, and their families are living while most Americans suffer from a still-disastrous economy.

“President Obama had another tough week in a second term filled with bad news and blunders — and he’s only 10 weeks in,” Curl wrote. “While the White House suddenly decided to drop its budget Friday in an effort to control the news, there was no covering up the disastrous jobless numbers: 90 million Americans out of the workforce, the highest level since 1979; another 663,000 joining the ranks of the long-term unemployed; a measly 88,000 jobs ‘created.’”


Curl points out though that, while those economic numbers are catastrophic for this administration, “what seems stuck in the craw of a lot of you readers out there” was his column from the week before “on the Obamas’ 1 percent lifestyle — the endless ski and beach vacations for the couple and their daughters, Vice President Joseph R. Biden’s nights in London and Paris that cost you more than $1 million, even the president’s 118th round of golf while in office.”

Most mainstream media outlets completely ignored the report, first broken by Breitbart News, that first daughters Sasha and Malia were vacationing in the Bahamas at the luxurious Atlantis resort for Spring Break. The story starkly exemplified that President Obama decided Secret Service should be used for that vacation and not for ordinary kids’ tours of the White House. To top matters off, for what Curl calls the Obama family’s “royal lifestyle,” Sasha and Malia sprung from the Bahamas to ritzy Sun Valley, Idaho mid-Spring Break week to get in some skiing before heading back to school.


Curl quoted many of his readers, who wrote to him expressing outrage at the way the first family handles themselves—and taxpayer resources—while most other Americans continue hurting economically.


Curl said, too, that Obama’s decision this past week “to forgo 5 percent of his salary” is not any “coincidence.”

“Americans are fed up with the royal lifestyle the Obamas live while they work double shifts to get by,” Curl wrote.

Drudge Editor: Obamas Lead ‘Royal Lifestyle’.

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