Occult Roots of “Social-Emotional Learning”

Oct 9, 2020 by

by Alex Newman –
Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) is all the rage in government schools and education circles today, but its origins in the occult have been largely obscured so far. The truth was hiding in plain sight all along.The Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL), one of the leading outfits promoting SEL, reveals a great deal about the nature of SEL on its website. On the surface, it seems like just another tool for pushing left-wing politics and a leftist worldview on students.

But the reality is much darker. In fact, according to a history of SEL offered by CASEL, even the very term “social and emotional learning” was developed during a meeting held at the Fetzer Institute. One of the founders of the SEL movement, David Sluyter, served as president and CEO of the organization.

No further details are provided no CASEL’s website. However, even a brief amount of research shows the mention of Fetzer Institute is just the tip of a massive iceberg. Indeed, the New Age institute boldly proclaims that its primary mission is “spiritual,” supposedly aimed at helping build a new “spiritual foundation” for a “loving world.”

This spiritual foundation, though, is not Christian, or anything remotely compatible with Christianity or Judeo-Christian principles. Rather, it is based on the occult New Age teachings of individuals such as Lucifer Publishing Company founder Alice Bailey, self-proclaimed herald of the “Maitreya” world teacher Benjamin Creme, and other “gurus.”

The Fetzer organization keeps a relatively low profile. But author Brian Wilson blew the lid of Fetzer and his agenda in the book “John E. Fetzer and the Quest for the New Age.” According to Wilson, Fetzer was such a zealous disciple of Bailey, who claimed to receive special revelations from spirits known as “Ascended Masters,” that he would host sessions at the institute where Bailey’s “Great Invocation” would be recited.

Bailey long expressed a special interest in the education of children. In her book “Education in the New Age,” Bailey’s supposed “Ascended Masters” revealed that the coming world government she predicted would synthesize Marxism with neo-Scholasticism through a process achieved using the educational methods pioneered by socialist John Dewey, the “founding father” of progressive education. Bailey’s spiritual entities also told of a coming global religion.

Plenty of powerful individuals and organizations aside from SEL peddlers have seized on these ideas. United Nations Assistant Secretary-General Robert Muller even based his “World Core Curriculum” on the teachings of Bailey and her “Ascended Masters,” he admitted in the forward to the curriculum’s teachers manual.

Values being taught using SEL are very much in line with Bailey, Muller, and other peddlers of New Age progressive views, too. Everything from globalism and social justice to leftwing politics are being marketed to children under the guise of SEL, as its promoters openly admit. Financiers include Bill Gates, the Rockefeller dynasty, and others.

After an initial response from CASEL offering to make somebody available for an interview, neither the Fetzer Institute nor CASEL responded to multiple requests for comment from this writer.

The overwhelming majority of American parents and taxpayers are Christian, and yet America’s children are being indoctrinated with anti-Christian ideas in tax-funded government schools. It is an abomination to force these beliefs and religious values on captive children using taxpayer funds. But unless parents stand up, it will only get worse.

Source: Occult Roots of “Social-Emotional Learning” | FreedomProject

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