Odd but Attractive Degrees

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Just because all the people around you studied popular courses doesn’t mean you must follow the trend. There are many exciting and rewarding degrees out there that people aren’t exploring. After we researched the Higher Education landscape, we present to you

some attractive degrees that you probably don’t know before now. According to 123help me, you may develop an interest in some of them if you like to stand out from the crowd. Here are some odd but attractive degrees:

1. Horology

Horology combines the science and art of time measurement. You could end up working in a luxury watch industry, or establish a time-related business.

2. Ethical Hacking

You might not expect the word “ethical” to go with the word “hacking”. But Ethical Hacking is a course that teaches everything about cybersecurity and computer hacking.

3. Ethnobotany

Historically, humans have an interesting relationship with plants. This course will make you understand the relationship, and show you how we respond to plants. You’ll also learn how we modify plants, use plants, and more.

4. Animal Behaviour and Psychology

This course will transform you into an animal whisperer. The course will teach you about how animals feel and think.

5. Sexual Health Studies

The course might bring up some awkward conversation, but it’s ideal for those who want a career in sexual health services. Modules capture the sociological and cultural perspectives of sexuality, relationship education, and more.

6. Fire Engineering

This course teaches about fire safety, not fire starting. The course is ideal if you aspire for a senior role in fire safety.

7. Hand Embroidery

Hand Embroidery is a unique course you can study at the University for the Creative Arts. It’s a niche skill, but it’s not something you can’t write off. Even the University calls it “world-renowned”.

8. Circus and Physical Performance

If this course doesn’t float your boat, we doubt if any other thing will. It’s a fun course that will teach you several skills. Despite how fun the course can be, you must be ready to take it very seriously because all circus lecturers don’t encourage clowning around.

9. Baking Science and Technology

Most people won’t think that a course like this exists. You can study this degree to acquire professional baking skills. If you wish to be the next Mary Berry, then you should study this degree.

10. Dairy Herd Management

This two-year Agricultural course will make you acquire all the necessary dairy farming-related skills. You’ll acquire managerial and economic knowledge on how to operate a dairy business.

11. Brewing and Distilling

Alcohol is big business in many parts of the world. Beverage industries often seek to employ students with a degree in this course. You need to develop an interest in the brewing process and science if you want to study the course.


The word “odd” doesn’t always represent something unattractive. At times, it represents something uncommon and unique. All the degrees here may appear odd, but trust us, they are unique and attractive degrees that many people don’t know yet.

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