Odd eBay Listings And Other Facts About The Platform

Feb 13, 2018 by

Are you looking to sell some unwanted Brussel sprouts?

Or maybe you’d like to sell all the snow you have in your yard? We’d recommend restructuring your business plan and advertising it as an unassembled snowman.

Or perhaps you wanted to buy the town of Bridgeville, CA? Sorry, it’s already been sold. Twice.

You might think all of those items are an odd thing to sell, but they’re not that weird when you see the other interesting listings that have appeared on the eCommerce giant eBay over the years.

We could recommend successfully catching a ghosts and putting it in a jar, which has previously sold at a price around $55,000. Or, if you’re looking to buy something cheaper, we’d suggest buying someone’s imaginary friend, which has been purchased at the price of 99 pence. However, you shouldn’t expect your postman to arrive with a package, as this product is being shipped via imagination.

So now, you might get some second thoughts and actually consider selling or buying something on eBay, even though the platform is quite awesome. With their free shipping, eBay discount codes and flash sales, the company makes an astonishing revenue of a whopping $8.97 billion in revenue.

All the same, its flexibility allows for some wicked offerings. Traders have found out that selling people and organs on the platform is illegal the hard way. A man from Florida has attempted to auction off his own liver, and the bid even reached $5.7 million, before it was taken down from the website. And a 10-year-old English girl tried to sell off her grandmother, which she found to be ‘annoying’ but ‘cuddly’. Unfortunately, that was when she learned that that is considered human trafficking, and, is in fact, illegal.

There’s all sorts of things you can find on the website, and there is also plenty more to learn about it platform. Just take a look at the infographic below.

URL: https://www.16best.net/blog/all-need-know-ecommerce-giant-ebay-com/

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