Office life and work from home- what difference do they create on men’s health?

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As professionals being employed in the service sector we find ourselves working as employees in a company. Till the pre-covid era, we only knew about the regular work from office lifestyle that means working in a professional environment.

But the pandemic that rued across the world has paved the way for a new way of professional life that is leading your daily office life at home itself using the work from home mode.

Many of you might be working from home right now especially in the telecommunications and IT industries.

When asked about the life comparisons and choosing any of them everyone will have their own opinions.

But considering from a health point of view both office work and work from home can create certain differences in health.

There are pros and cons to each way of leading your professional life. So let’s find out about both of them.

Let’s find out in greater detail…

Office life the pros and cons

The daily work from office job remains to e the most common form of work mode. You get up and get ready for your office in the morning, do your work at the office, and then commute back home.

Let’s find out about the pros and cons of leading work from office life.


Working in a professional environment gives us motivation and purpose to do better

When you work in a professional environment you are always motivated by someone whose performance is better than you. We know that you may find it to be jealous sometimes that your colleague achieved a promotion and salary hike this year but you didn’t but let’s be true that it also fuels you to work and achieve newer heights in life.

Working in the office you can always learn new skills with your colleagues

When you work in the office for long hours you and your colleagues become friends and work as a close-knit family. Your workplace becomes pretty much like your second home and you get valuable thoughts, advice, suggestions through various conversations with your friends and colleagues.

Sharing information is the key to getting access to new information and even learning new skills in life that are both related to your profession or leading life in general.


Let’s find about some of the cons of leading a professional life working in the office.

It sure is tiresome and boring sometimes

We know that you feel bored and tiresome sometimes. You have to work for long hours sometimes stretching more than 12 hours a day and this is surely tiring.

Even you have to leave your family, kids, and parents at home and sometimes this can create a nostalgic feeling.

You don’t have the opportunity to work flexible hours

Working in the office means that your life is being dictated by someone else. Working in the office you don’t have any flexible hours of your own.

This can lead to suffering from excessive stress which is one of the main problems causing ED.

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Working from home… evaluating the benefits and disadvantages

Working from home may look better in some aspects but mind you that it also affects your life in a few negative ways. Anyways let’s start by looking at the positives.


There are many benefits to this rising culture of work from home both for the employees as persons and even for the organizations. This is why many entrepreneurs and companies have started changing their work-life culture promoting and offering work from home.

Working flexible hours

Working from home means you can lead a cozy life munching on chips and fries while still working on your laptop. We know it is comfortable staying at home is always relaxing. On top of that, you are also employed sometimes working your flexible hours to make up for office hours as per your convenience.

Good work-life and homely life balance

Work-life balance can be maintained working from home. You can do all your household chores and work in scheduled breaks and recess times. Thus you are mentally free of the usual household stress and stress not balancing two lives together.


Maybe by now, you will surely want to choose to work from home because it seems there are s many advantages. But warn you that working from home too has its disadvantages. Let’s know about a few…

Can lead to a lack of social skills

Lack of social skills can make you more ascetic and that feeling of depression and loneliness can come in. social skills such as being able to converse and share information are important for having proper psychological health. Sure enough, this can also affect your professional performance.

Lacking motivation and purpose to do better

You have a job and you are working from home while also maintaining your homely tasks. What else do you need in life?

But researchers say that this feeling of satisfaction and having achieved everything can trigger mental challenges and make you devoid of facing challenges, fuel a creative mind. It’s not far till you find you find out that you are suffering from many health problems such as obesity, ED Problem and psychological problems like depression. Kamagra Oral Jelly is best way of ED treatment, so you can try this medicines at

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