Ohio English teacher resigns amid outrage over ‘sick’ morality test on incest, killing

Sep 26, 2018 by

A veteran Ohio English teacher is out of a job after parents complained about a “sick” and “disturbing” online morality test she assigned to students at Bradley High School.

Hillard City School District officials refuse to identify the teacher who assigned the questionnaire from IDR Labs titled “Moral Foundations Test,” but confirmed to WSYX she’d worked at the school and others in the area for more than a decade.

The so-called test tasks readers with rating the morality of 36 different situations, with topics covering everything from incest to killing innocent animals. Students told WSYX the assignment seemed “weird” and “disturbing,” so they told their parents, many of whom contacted school officials over the questionable content.

Question 10 of 36, for example, poses the scenario: “Using both a condom and the pill, a brother and a sister decide that they want to sleep with each other – just once, to see what it would be like.”

Another scenario, Question 18 of 36, was equally disturbing.

“A man orders a custom-built sex doll designed to look just like his niece.”

“That’s just sick! Sick,” parent Chris Chaffin told the news site.

Many of the questions on the test are relatively benign, such as a man dismissing a homeless beggar and female students body shaming each other, but others are more graphic.

“While on a live on-air tv show, a man kills a baby rabbit with a knife,” Question 12 of 36 read.

Question 13 of 36: “Sarah’s dog has four puppies. She can only find a home for two of them, so she kills the other two with a stone to the head.”

Question 14 of 36: “A pair of parents read about the exotic delicacies of Africa and the Far East. In the coming week, they serve dog meat to their children.”

The flood of complaints from parents forced district officials to address the issue in a prepared statement last week.

“ … We were made aware of a classroom activity that should never have taken place. We absolutely share the outrage of our parents and community. In consultation with our legal counsel we have put this teacher on administrative leave while we complete our internal investigation,” the district wrote. “It is important to understand this was an isolated incident and an activity of this nature would never be considered acceptable.”

Four days later, district officials announced the teacher voluntarily resigned, Fox 28 reports.

“The circumstances that led to the resignation are disappointing, as she has recognized,” according to a second statement. “While the District’s approved curriculum and educational materials encourage students to think critically, several items on this online quiz were simply inappropriate and inconsistent with established classroom resources.

“This should never have been given,” the statement continued. “The District works hard to earn the respect and support of students, parents and the community at-large and we regret any mistrust this may have caused.”

Source: Ohio English teacher resigns amid outrage over ‘sick’ morality test on incest, killing | EAGnews.org

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    To protect children, be aware of the greater agenda to harm them – from diverting them from their God given identity to the pedophilia agenda. Lest they also be medicated; but don’t take my word for it, hear it from the Feds themselves how your children are at risk from above influences and/or targeted early in for pharmakopia dangers:


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    I want a simple answer. Was this so called ‘test” conceived by one misguided teacher or was it the product of the nationalization of our education system ny the nameless, proponents ‘formerly known as the Common Core’ architects and financiers. It seems the new age, Common Core type influencers who want to control education are totally safe driver. They want to track every thought a child has; so they have to gather the data through countless non sensual, assessments and tests. Wake up America. There is a nameless, unaccountable gang of technocrats taking over education. Interesting how the name Commin Core is disappearing, but the concept is alive and well.

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    The Whole School Board Needs Firing!!

    She needs barred Nation Wide so she is ruined to Ever Work In The System Again!.

    This Needs Blasted On TV day in Day out like the Collision and Kavanaugh Scandal.

    Media can not be trusted to do their homework so we must publicize this disgusting women and school system ourselves! Nasty !! Third World Barbaric BackWood Bunch of Regets Crap!!!

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    No one is innocent here. The teachers, the students, the parents …

    Romans 3

    10 As it is written, There is none righteous, no, not one:

    11 There is none that understandeth, there is none that seeketh after God.

    12 They are all gone out of the way, they are together become unprofitable; there is none that doeth good, no, not one.

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    A teacher hears that having sex with primates can be exciting, so she goes to an animal rescue where they have retired circus chimps and pays one of the animal caretakers to set it up for $100.

    A student needs a couple more credits to graduate high school, so she steals her teacher’s dog, cuts off its limbs one at a time and sends them to the teacher in the mail. and makes veiled threats the same could happen to her daughter.

    So, does teacher like where this is going ?

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    Lies, all lies. The schools knew exactly what was on the tests! This issue was talked about long ago that this would be happening!!! I would be hiring my lawyer if I were those parents and get a petition going to get did of computerized testing!!! Go back to the old tests!!!

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    Sharon Bielski

    It is outrageous what is going on in schools. If this is true who every made up this questions are sick. I know they took out Chirst out of everything but they teach About Islam. This civilization is doomed.

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