OK, for now, to tell your kids they are being indoctrinated

Apr 22, 2018 by

Left-wing indoctrination is nothing new to “blue” California but sex education has evolved from safety and science to full-blown propaganda.

Every middle schooler and high schooler in California must sit through sex-ed classes that include information about birth control and sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV/AIDS.

Students are also taught to affirmatively recognize – in other words, praise  – different sexual orientations and gender identities. Parents are free to pull their kids out of the sex-ed classes but according to at least one school attorney from Orange County, they may not excuse their children from the pro-homosexual propaganda.

Brad Dacus of Pacific Justice Institute says that requirement conflicts with other parts of the state education code.

“Our opinion very strongly and resolutely,” he says, “is that this is incorrect, and it’s a fallacy simply to look at this one piece of legislation while not looking at other education codes.”

Dacus, Brad (PJI)Nonetheless, he says California has shown a tendency to go the mat – even claiming child neglect by parents – when it comes to insisting on the state’s right to indoctrinate children.

“School districts have threatened to allege educational neglect and call in social workers, Child Protective Services, who then threaten or actually do take children from parents,” says the attorney. “We’ve seen this happen in California.”

In its guidance letter to parents, Orange County’s attorney graciously gives permission for parents to talk with their kids.

“It’s really pathetic,” responds Dacus, “when we see the attorney for Orange County think that somehow he’s being gracious to parents by pointing out that parents can tell their children that they don’t  agree with all they’re being indoctrinated to believe.”

Without a doubt, he says, the state of California is completely beholden to the LGBTQ movement.

Source: OK, for now, to tell your kids they are being indoctrinated

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