‘One Newark’ violates state statutes

Sep 18, 2014 by

Newark Public Schools controversial overhaul plan violates state statues governing the school district, a group of Newark school board members said.

Four Newark Public School Advisory Board members held a press conference on the steps of City Hall this evening to criticize One Newark, a reorganization plan that involves expanding charter schools, changing leadership in existing schools and relocating other schools.

The board members contend the plan violates district code 5111, which they say requires that a student be assigned to schools in their community unless an assistant superintendent approves another placement.

The group, including board members Antoinette Baskerville-Richardson, Donald Jackson, Marques-Aquil Lewis, Philip Seelinger and Ariagna Perello also said the One Newark plan violates district code 6156.

Under that code, the board members said, the district did not follow a requirement to plan instruction so that there is was minimum disruption to the school day, including movement between classes.

“Simply put the district must follow district policies,” said board member Antoinette Baskerville-Richardson.

via ‘One Newark’ violates state statutes, school board members say | NJ.com.

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