Online Classes- Redefining Education in the 21st Century

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In the age of integration, Integrated Learning Systems are Transforming Education.“

Today, the whole road of the education system has changed. The blossoming of technology has the education system too. School Management Systems or the Learning Management Systems are the upgraded technologies which provide online instructions to manage administrative activities, online classes, and other schools related tasks. These online solutions are deployed to assist in distance learning or online classes. It provides a holistic learning management options such as cloud-based module, or digital platforms. The Mordorn intelligence report suggests that the LMS market is expected to grow to USD 31.44 by 2025. It is estimated that it will rise with a CAGR of 23.8%

Features of Learning Management Systems

1. Common Dashboard- LMS or SMS are school management systems that provide a common dashboard. Here, they can register themselves by adding the necessary credentials such as their name, standard they are studying in, email ID, etcetera.

2. Student and Teacher Data-The school is an interactive platform of the students and teachers. Every year hundreds of students get admitted in a single batch of a particular class. Also, with numbers of teachers, it becomes imperative to keep a record of this data. School Management Systems provides a versatile interface to keep track of the data as well. It is important to understand that this information is sensitive. So SMS provide a great chance to secure the data as well.

3. Attendance Management- Now, schools are essentially based upon maintaining students and teachers’ attendance regularly. SMS provides an online platform to manage attendance efficiently. It is a very smooth way to ensure accurate and intelligent data records. Also, overall online education assists in increasing the attendance of a person. It is because children are now able to attend various sessions from the comfort of their homes.

4. Financial Assistance- There are many events which happen in the schools. In case students have to pay the required fee or do any financial transaction, then they can simply do so in online mode through various modes.

5. Easy Exam and Result Management- LMS provides an efficient system to examine with great ease. Students can take the examination with great in online mode from the comfort of their homes as well. Also, by implementing a Learning Management Systems, students can easily access their result by logging into the dashboard. Also, the examination assessment in automated mode is more accurate and efficient, student management systems

6. Fee Payment- Students are supposed to pay their fee quarter-wise or semester-wise. By establishing a schooling system on the online platform, they get the liberty to pay theur fee digitally. The SMS offers embedded payment doorway, which assists in the faster payment process. This will curb the issue of late fee as well.

In fact, through online tracking systems, the administration will get to defaulters/late fee submission names. Also, if there is any problem in the transaction, the record is only available online.

7. Information Security- Now, as the education system goes online, one needs to take care of various preconditions such as the cybersecurity. Today, data is available in every walk of life. Internet is home to it. Therefore, there is always a chance that the data may get misused or leaked. In such a situation, the Learning Management Systems provide embedded security option to preserve the information.

8. School Bus Transport Management through GPS- With the installation of a Learning Management System for schools, students will get to know the idea of transportation as well. Now one may wonder as to SMS, or LMS technology is limited to the online platforms only. However, the schools, even in offline modes, are embedding online technologies to efficiently assist students. Therefore, schools today are maintaining a record of the students using various transport management using SMS.

In fact, this technology has ensured the safety of students manifolds. Now the tracking system through GPS ensures that each kid reaches his destination safely.

Also, these systems are nearly safe and relatively cheaper too. Thus, it helps save all the records in the forms of reports, excel sheets and so on.

So far, India is at a nascent stage in incorporating smart solutions in the education system. However, it holds an immense amount of potential because of its large user base today. If proper steps are taken then in a few years, the schooling regulation will transform completely. School Learning Management Systems will thus grow in the coming times catering to the future’s high demands.

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