Online Common Core tests bomb

Mar 1, 2016 by

It was just after nine on Monday morning when Lori Smith, the associate principal at John F. Kennedy Elementary School in Kingsport, received a text from her sister, the instructional technology coordinator for Monroe County Schools.

Schools in Monroe, along with several other districts across Tennessee, had begun administering the first round of the state’s new tests, which students were taking on computers.

“She messaged me and asked how things were going,” Smith recalled. “I told her we had done a test on our technology and things were going well. Apparently, they weren’t going well for her.”

What neither of them knew at the time was that all across the Volunteer State the testing technology was breaking down.

Kingsport was planning to begin testing the following day, and Smith had done everything she could think of to prepare her teachers and students. With any spare time she’d had over the last few weeks, Smith had met with teachers to go over procedures and reassure them that they were as prepared as they could possibly be. She had organized all their testing paperwork and separated it with colorful tabs.

“I knew this was new for them and I wanted it to be very spelled out,” Smith said.

That afternoon she talked to her fifth-graders about the test.

“I reminded them that if things mess up . . . it’s going to be ok,” Smith said. “I told them, ‘We will get you another device and it will be ok. We are all in this together.’”

Source: As online Common Core tests fail, Tennessee schools face unknown once again – The Hechinger Report

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