Online Education – Should You Consider It?

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The internet has given us many things, including easier access to education. The number of online education options is growing, with courses for all ages and abilities, you can even study ms finance online, and there are even some schools now entirely based on the internet. But why would you choose online education over the conventional face to face method of learning? 

What are the positives of choosing online education?

  1. It’s often cheaper
    Perhaps one of the most influential factors in choosing to do a course or degree online is that it is often substantially cheaper than if you’d have done the same course face to face. The qualification provider no longer needs to rent a space, pay for heating bills and organise a teacher to travel to a certain location and this money all comes off the cost of the course. The cost-effectiveness of online courses makes education available to a wider group of people, widening participation.

  2. It’s more convenient
    Online education is convenient, you can do it from anywhere with an internet connect. That means you can do it at home with your kids in bed, on the train to work, or sat on a sun lounger in Greece if you wanted to. The flexibility of online courses makes them a great option for adults who need their education to fit around their daily lives.

  3. There’s so much more diversity
    Another major plus for online courses is their diversity, you can get a qualification in just about anything including those slightly more unique areas that conventional colleges and schools don’t cover.

  4. They can be accelerated
    Many online courses offer the ability to do an accelerated version, meaning you can get hold of your new qualification much more quickly. Conventional schools and colleges often can’t provide this option and so online courses are a great option if you need to boost your skills or qualification quickly. 

Are there any negatives to choosing online education?

Online education isn’t for everyone and there are a few things you need to consider before deciding if it is the option for you.

  1. Do you have the discipline?
    Online education gives you immense freedom and this can be difficult if you don’t have the discipline to make sure you show up and stay accountable. Without a physical lecturer or teacher in the room, it can be easier to dismiss your online study sessions.

  2. Will you be lonely?
    Online education means that you often lack the company of fellow students which can make the learning process feel lonely. This can be resolved by setting up study groups and online video sessions to interact with your coursemates.

Will you miss the interaction with your tutor?
Some people see online education as a monologue rather than a dialogue, and this is because there is a lot less opportunity to converse with your online tutor. If you’re the kind of person that needs to ask a lot of quesions then online education may be trickier for you.

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