How online education can work for special-needs children

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SAN FRANCISCO – Compared to children who don’t have disabilities, those who do often work slower, need more attention, or need especially explicit, detailed instructions. It’s well-known by now that learning gadgets and online classes or therapy can work wonders with autistic children, but kids with other special-needs can benefit from online education tools.

childPresence Learning is one company that offers online speech and occupational therapy for kids in grades K-12. A shortage of speech therapists prompted the company to emerge about five years ago, said Vice President of Marketing Katie Povejsil.

“There were a lot of students who were not being served and were being underserved, especially with speech therapy,” she said. “No one had been able to put together all the pieces.”

For Presence Learning, closing the special-needs education gap means providing therapists and alternative courses for disabled students, so they can still attend a traditional brick-and-mortar school.

“We’ve seen a lot of growth,” Povejsil said. “When we first started doing this, schools couldn’t really get their minds wrapped around speech therapy delivered online, a lot of people still have a hard time imagining how that would work.”

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