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Covid-19 Lockdown 2.0: Online Classes Vs Offline Classes, Which Is Better:

The world throws unexpected challenges, which require fast decisions, flexibility, and proper adjustments. The education sphere has quickly adopted digital tools to make learning available online and accessible to a large group of people. However, it is still an open question, whether people use all of these possibilities and what stops them from fully benefiting from e-learning.

Opportunities Opened by Online Learning

Digitalization made it possible to learn a new language or even get a college degree directly from your comfortable couch with minimum financial investments. All you need is a laptop and internet access. This is the main reason why online learning makes education more accessible than ever before. What opportunities bring such education accessibility?

  • Online learning became a powerful tool in illiteracy fighting and mastering new professions. It is a great push for social changes as due to automation nearly 73 million jobs can be eliminated and getting a new profession online may reduce the number of unemployed in the nearest future.
  • It brings communication to a higher level. The language barrier is not a problem with free online dictionaries, translator, and spell checker. Students can find any information required for their term papers, work it through, check the grammar and spelling, making sure that simple typos or mistakes are not distracting the opponents from the core idea of the paper or essay.
  • Now anyone can learn any foreign language by having a live practice with a native speaker. Besides nailing the language, this is a great way to learn the culture and understand the mentality of other nations. It can save you a fortune as all the books and study materials can be found online, plus using digital copies minimizes the carbon footprint.
  • Attending college especially abroad often is an unfulfilled dream. Adding living costs on top of college fees shows that this is a very expensive pleasure. However, today it is possible to access many platforms that provide open courses from reputable educational establishments and professors. Some of them even guarantee a certificate or credit score for successful completion.

Is Digital Learning a Panacea?

Despite all the benefits available with online learning, classical education still remains demanding. A few drawbacks are worth mentioning while looking for a cause of it.

  • Apparently many educational content are there on a silver platter, but besides the material, there should be a well-structured study program, which helps to track and measure the progress.
  • Missing of individual approach. Definitely there won’t be a teacher at your disposal, who can clarify, check something or give an extra portion of motivation. All these roles should be played by the student itself.
  • Laziness and lack of self motivation. The Internet offers plenty of information, however we don’t use it until we see how beneficial it can be for us. Someone needs to upgrade their skills and get promoted, others need to gain some knowledge to find an extra income. But learning with no purpose and deadline doesn’t work.

Offline Education Drawbacks

Well known and familiar to us, the traditional education system is unfortunately also far from perfect. Usually it is accompanied by huge time and money investments. Such a type of learning is tightened to a teacher’s personality. In this case the half of the result depends on this person and if you don’t get along, the process will not end up with success.

It requires physical presence in class, therefore a student should spend time on arriving at the place. In case of online learning this time can be dedicated to the study subject. In most cases offline training and courses are expensive as it involves rent cost and teacher’s remuneration.

Offline Education Benefits

There is one very important feature that differs offline education from online. It calls human emotions. This is the reason why so many people keep attending class, despite the possibilities of online education. To get an emotion from the teacher, from class, to get into real conversation, share thoughts and jump into discussion. For all these people keep paying the money and this is why offline education will never die.

Taking offline classes makes a student free from the material search. It offers a defined program, which is already tested. Teachers may apply an individual approach knowing the exact needs students have.

It is hard to define the best learning option as each of them has its specifics, pros and cons. The result of online learning depends completely on the ability of self-organisation, skill to set up goals and be persistent in its achievements. With offline studies students can get feedback, a well-structured system and track of progress.

The best option is to choose blending learning for better results and remember the initial purpose of knowledge gaining.

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