In the Bible is plainly stated in 2Timothy 3:13 What is good shall be called good and that which is bad shall be called good.  When it comes to the current era of the Trump administration, that verse is being played out in almost every facet of society.  Think about it.  For years, umm actually decades people have been griping about a lack of authentic opportunities.  Whether it was because, democrats throughout the southern states wanted to maintain physical slavery over others.  Or after slavery was abolished Democrats continued to cling onto their tradition of making life miserable for others.  There was the militant arm of the democrat party famously known as the Ku Klux Klan.  Those democrat party hooded demons were too cowardly to expose their dirty faces, but they lived to dominate others and bring misery into their lives.  Above all, those democrat bullies hated the thought of certain people being free to exercise their God given unalienable right to live free and rise to the level of their God given abilities.

Then of course, the leftist democrats were foolishly allowed to assume positions of the authority in academia and even in leadership of the major Christian denominations. As a result, the physical harm they inflicted upon others was transformed into the power to destroy the onetime superior quality of our education system.  So now, most students graduating from American government schools, particularly black students are not educationally equipped to enter university, compete in the job market, open their own business.  Thus, the democrat’s goal of keeping “certain people” in their so-called place of being non achieving nobodies, who are psyched into believing they are victims of American society overall is realized.

Frederick Douglas begged the white man to leave black people alone after the ending of slavery.  He understood and stated that black people would rise to the best of their abilities, if only they would be allowed to succeed and fail on their own merits.  Douglas’s own life of success after slavery was a testament to that fact.  But as history would reveal, democrats would have none of that.  They like all leftists have this demonic level need to prevent others from being all they can be without their lame dominance and fake assistance.  The reason being is that they cannot stand the thought of anybody enjoying a good life in a land of liberty.  Because that would mean they are not in control. Besides, democrats and other leftists want to destroy our exceptional nation under God way of life.

They have the facts so twisted in the minds of millions of black Americans, that they prefer black people hating Islamists and others to flood into our country and have their way.  How else would you explain that dumb black ministers in Michigan are more in favor of sharia law than the Ten Commandments?  I witnessed numerous dumb black ministers standing in solidarity with the Islamists in Dearbornistan, MI.  A few years ago.  The Quran’ plainly states that black people are meant to be nothing but slaves and that they have no souls.  Also, because of the brainwashing in government schools, far too many black Americans want an evil end to America, but lack the intelligence to figure out that if the United States goes down, they are doomed.  But then again, many of them “frankly don’t give a damn.”

That is why that only in America:

  1. Can the lowest Black American unemployment ever be sneered at and not recognized or appreciated by the incurably ignorant black masses.
  2. Black business startups skyrocket over 400 percent and is ignored by black Americans and is not utilized as an incentive for others to achieve.
  3. Wages increase for black Americans and it is treated like, so what.
  4. President Trump not only signs but actively implements prison reform that is designed to pardon wrongfully convicted Black Americans.
  5. Yet still President Trump, who implemented these good measures is labeled a racist and foolishly compared with Hitler. The last time I checked, Hitler did not seek to improve the lives of anyone.  But unfortunately, America must suffer fools who seek her doom even at their own peril.

Yes, many Americans are mixed up in their views, beliefs and actions regarding our republic.  They see the good actions of our president as evil and the depraved deeds of Antifa as wonderful.  The good news is that those seeking the elimination of the principles and practices that made America the envy of the world will not ultimately realize their morbid goals.  The leftist scoundrels must be warned.  You people can only pick fights for so long before experiencing the principle of equal and opposite reaction being engaged.  Trust me, you do not want that to happen. Thus, before it is too late, let peace be your goal.  As the old saying goes, “don’t start nothin’ won’t be nothin.’

I for one believe if you do not like this country, it is retarded for you to stay. Simply locate a nation that fits your gumpish/leftist philosophy, go there and stop being a source of misery in our beloved republic. Let’s talk it over Fridays at 4:00 PM EDT, 3:00 PM CT, 1:00 PM PT via The Ron Edwards Experience talk show emanating from flagship station KCKQ AM 1180 Reno, Nevada to other radio outlets and worldwide via  God bless you, God bless America and may America bless God.

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