Ontario unveils Sex Ed 2.0 – and finds classrooms emptying in protest

Jun 8, 2015 by

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The reform adds issues like gender identity, sexting, and consent to the curriculum. But thousands of parents are keeping their kids out of school to signal disapproval not only of the topics but the age at which they’re taught.

By Valentina Jovanovski –

Matt Williams’s son was in Grade 2 when he asked his father to explain a slur that he’d picked up on the playground.

The casual taunt – in this case, singling out gay men for ridicule without even knowing it –  has made Mr. Williams favor Ontario’s new sexual health education curriculum. “That only happens because children don’t understand … and we have to teach them,” he says.

The curriculum will cover topics not even imaginable when the current plan was started almost two decades ago, ranging from same-sex marriage to gender identity to sexting. Experts say these new concepts are essential to cover in a digital age.

“Because it is such a recent update, it is addressing some of the current topics which need to be addressed, for example sexting and the whole issue and concept of consent,” says Alex McKay, executive director of the Sex Information and Education Council of Canada. “Some of the older curriculums in Canada and the United States don’t address those issues.”

Source: Ontario unveils Sex Ed 2.0 – and finds classrooms emptying in protest – CSMonitor.com

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