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Oops! Glitch disables Lewisville security filters on student iPads


The Lewisville Independent School District is working with Apple to find a fix after the iOS 7 upgrade wiped out the security settings on iPads that prevent students from accessing inappropriate material on the Internet.



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Published: 09 October 2013 10:34 PM

Updated: 09 October 2013 10:35 PM


Excerpts from this article:


The Lewisville school district’s widespread rollout of iPads for students has exposed an unexpected problem.


District officials recently learned that Apple’s iOS 7 upgrade wiped out the security settings on the devices that prevent students from accessing inappropriate material on the Internet.


The filters function properly when students are in school. But the safeguards disappear when students leave campus.


“When students take home their iPads, and hook up to an outside Internet connection, our filter is disabled,” said Karen Permetti, spokeswoman for the district.


She said Apple engineers are working with the district to resolve the problem and have promised a fix by the end of the month.


In the meantime, information has been posted on the LISD website at lisd.net that instructs parents how to set Web-content filtering controls on the devices…


The district, with more than 50,000 students, has allocated $24 million to equip first- through 12th-grade students with the technology by 2016.


So far, almost 20,000 iPads have been purchased. It’s unclear how many have been affected.


Not all school districts have experienced problems with the upgrade.


In the Mesquite school district, students aren’t allowed to take their iPads home, said Laura Jobe, a spokeswoman for the district.


“So while they’re in use inside the district, we still have all the district’s servers’ filtering options in place,” she said.


Coppell ISD purchased more than 3,000 iPads this year for Coppell High School students.


But the district has postponed installing the iOS 7 upgrade. “We like for them to work out the kinks first,” spokeswoman Tamerah Ringo said.


Some Lewisville ISD parents feel that the school district was lax in alerting them to the security defect.


“They knew all week there was a problem and didn’t contact us,” said Billie Jean Weddle, whose daughter attends Lewisville High School Killough Campus. “They should have aggressively reached out to parents.”


Permetti said the upgrades were installed last month and the district’s technology officials recognized the problem on Sept. 27.


…She said this posting was updated Monday after Apple confirmed it was a global problem with the iOS 7 update.


Permetti also noted that most school districts don’t provide off-campus security controls.


“Since student safety and security is a top priority, we are one of the few districts in the nation that has this filtering system on and off [school] property,” she said. “Most districts, including area districts, don’t provide this capability to their students.”


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