Open Letter to San Antonio Councilman, John Courage

Jul 18, 2020 by

Portrait of John Courage
San Antonio Councilman, John Courage

7.15.20 – “Open Letter to San Antonio Councilman, John Courage”

by Agustín McLamb-Quiñones

Excerpts from this letter:

To:  San Antonio Councilman John Courage:

I hope you understand that there is a fundamental difference between the organization “Black Lives Matter” and the idea that black lives matter. 

Black lives matter, just like all lives matter (see John 3:16), but the organization that has captured that name may not really want any more from black people than to exploit them for their personal gain or to achieve their ideological goals, and one of the first ways they do this is by borrowing a name that they use in a deceptive way.

If black lives really mattered, wouldn’t the BLM organization fight for the basic right to one’s humanity by opposing the murder of 2 million black fetuses annually? 

If black lives really mattered, wouldn’t the BLM organization focus some of their efforts on improving inner city schools by supporting charter schools? 

If black lives really mattered, wouldn’t the organization be involved in helping inner city youth develop life skills and strategies to stay off drugs and out of prison? 

If black lives really mattered, wouldn’t the BLM organization support President’s Trump’s prison reform legislation? 

If black lives really mattered, wouldn’t the BLM organization celebrate President’s Trump’s bill to permanently fund historically black colleges $250 million a year.  But, unfortunately, they do none of the above. 

Councilman Courage, if black lives mattered to the BLM organization, why are they destroying black communities instead of building them?  87 shot, 17 fatally, in Chicago over the July 4th weekend and not a word from BLM! 

And if black lives really mattered to you too, you would protect the sanctity of the unborn black, champion better educational opportunities in the black community, and foster mentoring programs to help black youth develop skills and strategies for a productive life. 

But, I suppose it’s easier to raise a symbolic fist in pathetic acquiescence to avoid being labeled a racist, rather than living up to your namesake and speaking truthfully to the black community.  

I assume that you do not actually believe that just because the People’s Republic of China calls itself a republic that their government is a genuine representative government. 

The Bolsheviks (which means in Russian “Majority”) in the Russian Revolution were not the majority when they started using that name, but the name helped them become a majority, and Black Lives Matter was founded by people that are on video admitting they are Marxists.

One of the founders said, “We actually do have an ideological frame. Myself and Alicia in particular, we’re trained organizers. We are trained Marxists.  We are super versed on ideological theories.”

So I have two very specific questions to ask you Councilman Courage.

1) Do you support Marxist founded organizations?

2) Can you support the idea that black lives matter, yet disavow the organization “Black Lives Matter”?

From:  Agustín McLamb-Quiñones

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