Open Letter to Texas House Member Garnet Coleman: Medical Facts About LGBTQ Lifestyle

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“Open Letter to Texas House Member Garnet Coleman: Medical Facts About LGBTQ Lifestyle”

By Donna Garner


[COMMENTS FROM DONNA GARNER:  Because Tex. House Member Garnet Coleman (D – African-American from Houston) shared some personal details in e-mails with me, I chose to honor his position by keeping those details confidential. Therefore, I have not included his e-mailed responses back to me.  

In essence, Rep. Coleman is upset with me because of my having sent out the information about the five Democrat women in the Texas Legislature who have just established the first LGBTQ Caucus in the House (Rep. Mary Gonzalez (D-El Paso), Rep. Celia Israel (D-Austin), Rep. Julie Johnson (D-Carrollton), Rep. Erica Zwiener (D-Driftwood), and Rep. Jessica Gonzalez (D-Dallas).

Rep. Garnet Coleman believes I am bigoted, racist, and am basing my objections to the LGBTQ lifestyle only upon my “opinions.” I have sent him my reply which clearly shows my objections are based on solid medical/medical research “facts.”]

To: Texas Rep. Garnet Coleman

From:  Donna Garner

Re: Medical facts about the LGBTQ lifestyle – legislative policies

Date:  1.11.19

Rep. Coleman, I know you love your XXXXX very much and that you may be very concerned deep down about XXXX lifestyle choice. What you and I both must recognize is that the medical facts are not “opinions.”  It really does not make any difference what my “opinion” is nor yours.  It is the medical facts that count because, unfortunately, STD’s transmitted through the LGBTQ lifestyle are “equal opportunity providers.”

Because you care about your XXXXX and people just like XXXX, I know you will take the time to read through the credible medical information posted below.  People’s lives depend upon you Texas Legislators passing legislation built upon solid medical research and science, leading to a healthier and happier society. To achieve that, the wording in the following petition should be your guide and should be placed in our Texas laws:

12.4.18 – “Petition to Uphold the Scientific Definition of Sex in Federal Law and Policy” —


2.23.16 – “Subject: CDC News: New National Estimates of Lifetime HIV Risk Released” – Centers for Disease Control —

10.24.16 – “STD’s at Unprecedented Highs Among Men Who Have Sex with Men” –From Donna Garner —

70% of new HIV cases in 2016 caused by Male-to-Male and/or drug use — “New HIV Diagnoses in the United States – 2016” – from Centers for Disease Control —

11.7.14 — “Encouraging the LGBTQ Agenda Also Encourages HIV and Early Death” – by Donna Garner —


11.2.17 – “What These 3 Doctors Think Should Be Done for Children Who Think They Are Transgender”

By Ian Snively – The Daily Signal

10.16.18 — “Pediatricians: ‘After 40 Years of Comprehensive Sex Ed in Schools, Why Are STDs at Epidemic Levels?’”

By Dr. Susan Berry —

12.11.17 – “I’m a Pediatrician. Here’s What I Did When a Little Boy Patient Said He Was a Girl.” – by Michelle Cretella, President of American College of Pediatricians —



On a personal note, I also have close friends who have sexual orientation problems; but because I care about them, I am trying to help them understand that there are destructive consequences that can come from their perverse lifestyles.

The wonderful thing is that they can learn to live a normal and healthy life. Janet Boynes (an African-American woman) came out of the lesbian lifestyle 19 years ago, and she has a powerful ministry bathed in love to help anyone and everyone who asks her for help. 

1.8.19 — “Do Something About Gender Identity Lies” — From Donna Garner —

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