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“Openly Lesbian Lupe Valdez, Winner of Democrat Run-off for Texas Governor”

By Donna Garner



Just to clarify: In the Democrat run-off yesterday in Texas, Valdez won the Democrat nomination to run against Republican Gov. Greg Abbott in Nov. 2018.

As the Texas Tribune reported, “Valdez goes into the November general election as the first openly lesbian and first Latina candidate to win a major party gubernatorial nomination in Texas.”

Valdez likes to portray herself as the champion of “kitchen table” issues, but her lesbian lifestyle definitely denies that. Living in a perverse lifestyle that denies God-ordained, traditional marriage is not a “kitchen table” belief system nor is it a position held by the strongly pro-life/pro-traditional marriage Latino community.

Valdez’s holding up the lesbian lifestyle as a standard for women to follow is a standard we certainly do not want our Texas young women to follow.

Valdez also supports many other very troubling political positions.  Gov. Abbott’s spokesman recently stated:  

“Lupe Valdez’s inability to articulate a clear vision for Texas, coupled with her lack of leadership in Dallas County, proves that she is wrong for Texas…As she continues in her struggle to give definitive answers on questions like whether or not she would raise taxes on Texans, Governor Abbott will be crisscrossing the state articulating his message of economic freedom and individual liberty.”

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