Operation Legend Exposes BLM’s War On America’s Children

Sep 12, 2020 by

This is no longer a peaceful protest

FBI Weasel Peter Strzok recently blurted out, “I’m concerned,” to CBSN anchor Vladimir Duthiers. “The things that I have heard the attorney general say, some of the actions of the Department of Justice — unfolding or rolling back the prosecution of General [Michael] Flynn, the sentencing of Roger Stone — give me great concern.” Strzok told CBSN anchor Vladimir Duthiers.

You won’t hear this sycophantic TDS sufferer praise AG Barr no matter what he does, even if Barr is dealing with an American war zone.

In fact, you can hear crickets all among the leftist propaganda machine concerning the positive success of the DOJ’s Operation Legend.

Regardless of AG Barr’s common sense approach to the madness, these fools in the streets ultimately continue to support the violence they represent.

Their neglect to blatantly face the truth results in their hypocrisy to aid and abet American children being exploited and murdered.

This is no longer a peaceful protest, it is a parade of domestic terror waging war on the children of America.

Source: Operation Legend Exposes BLM’s War On America’s Children

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