Opinion: Why my high school students don’t read any more

Sep 3, 2019 by

Jeremy Adams –

Most of us who grew up in the United States before the advent of smartphones and social media can remember adults using phrases like “serious reading” or can name people in our orbit who claimed certain books changed their lives. I can still vividly recall teachers, friends and family members insisting I read this book or that poem, usually for reasons I had yet to understand.

Early on, we were imbued with the notion that reading mattered — and not because it empowered us to effectively absorb information or positioned us to do well on a future standardized exam. It mattered because the books we read often had a lasting and powerful impact on the people we would become.

In my two decades of teaching high school in California’s Central Valley, perhaps the biggest change I have noticed is that the belief that reading both enlarges and enlivens life itself has largely vanished from the lives of my young students.

Source: Opinion: Why my high school students don’t read any more

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