Opposition to Common Core continues to mount

Sep 8, 2014 by

AL.com performed a public service in providing details of the “Stand in the Gap: Why Citizens Must Defeat Common Core” forums that citizen-activists will conduct across Alabama and Florida this month. No doubt, many parents and other taxpayers will want to attend these events to learn more about how Common Core standardization is affecting local schoolchildren.

Unfortunately, your article leaves the impression that opposition to the nationalized standards is coming solely from the political right. In truth, many objections to Common Core emanate from persons and organizations associated with the political left, including education historian Diane Ravitch, leaders of many local and state teacher unions, and math and English scholars who lament the dumbing-down the Core will inflict on their disciplines.

Indeed, many of those standing against Common Core are centrist or not particularly political at all. A recent Gallup Poll indicated that Americans by a 2-1 margin oppose these nationalized standards. A survey by the journal Education Next found that opposition among teachers has tripled just since November. Many people are turning against the Core for a great variety of reasons, practical as well as political.

Robert Holland

Senior Fellow for Education Policy at the The Heartland Institute in Chicago

via Opposition to Common Core continues to mount. Here’s why: reader opinion | AL.com.

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