Our Congress is Out-of-Control and Stupid

Jul 28, 2011 by

Democrats AND Republicans are Ludicrous and Stuck in Quicksand
by Peter Stern
To Congress: Grow up!
Our Congress underscores how hopelessly lost and in debt our nation is. We are also reminded that the 2-party system has failed most Americans. They would rather fight like spoiled children than to work together to resolve our urgent issues.
In brief:
Republicans don’t want tax increases.
Democrats don’t want to cut expenditures.
Yet, Republicans don’t have a problem with forcing Medicare recipients to pay a $2,000 out-of-pocket to remain on Medicare. However, isn’t THAT a tax on Medicare for poorer and elderly folks?
However, Democrats want the wealthy to pay more to compensate for our debt, but want to maintain or increase our current spending. That makes no sense either.
We need to raise taxes proportionately across our population, while cutting our expenditures as a nation and raise the debt ceiling. Nothing else makes any sense. Members of both parties in our Congress need to “bite the bullet” and suck it up. Grow-up and stop the bickering and muscle-flexing.
Congress can’t keep expecting the poorer segment of our population to continue to bear the brunt of our economic decline with massive unemployment, lower salaries and higher cost-of-living expenses.
Our Congress simply sucks! Anyone could have seen the economic crunch coming 10 years ago. Where is John Wayne and the cavalry when you need them.
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