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“Our Goal — To Defund Obamacare – List of Vulnerable Senators in 2014”

by Donna Garner


The cloture vote on defunding Obamacare will probably occur this Friday or possibly Saturday (9.27.13 or 9.23.13). A vote for cloture would shut down the debate on the House CR (Continuing Resolution) which keeps the government running but defunds Obamacare.

There are 100 members of the U. S. Senate. As of 8.24.13, there were 52 Dems, 46 Reps., and 2 Indeps. in the U. S. Senate.

The cloture vote requires 22 votes. If the cloture vote passes, then Harry Reid would only need a simple majority – 51 votes – to pass the final CR bill back to the House; and Reid plans to strip out the defunding of Obamacare from his final CR bill.

The House in its CR has given the Senate a choice: either defund Obamacare or shut down the government. Therefore, if the Senate Democrats vote to strip the defund Obamacare measure out of the CR, then the Senate Democrats have actually voted to shut the government down. It cannot be pinned on the Republicans.

In essence, if a Senator votes for cloture, he/she is actually voting for Obamacare to be funded. If all 46 Republicans (joined by red state Democrats and Independents who are worried about the 2014 elections) were to stick together and vote against cloture, the defunding of Obamacare could move forward; and the government would not be shut down.


At the bottom of this page, I have listed the Senators who are either up for re-election in 2014 or who are retiring. These are the Senators that we need to deluge with this message:

“Don’t you dare vote for cloture to end debate on the defunding of Obamacare. A vote for cloture is a vote for Obamacare. We are watching, and we know which Senators are up for re-election in 2014. We will not be fooled by ‘show votes.’ ”

Excerpts from Hannity/FoxNews on 9.23.13:

Just today, Forbes.com quoted a center for Medicare and Medicaid services report that states that health spending under ObamaCare will increase a whopping $621 billion. Now, to put this another way, a typical family of four will see their healthcare costs rise by more than $7,400 a year which means candidate Obama flat out lied to you, the voters when he promised this back in 2008:

PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: I put forward a plan. It says if you’ve got health insurance, we are going to work with your employer and lower premiums by $2500 per family per year. We will do it by the end of my first term as president of the United States of America.

Sen. Cruz’s comments:

…the fight is in the Senate now. And the real question is whether Senate Republicans are going to unite and stand alongside House Republicans…

I introduced two unanimous consent requests and asked the Senate, number one, let’s pass the House continuing resolution (CR). And Harry Reid objected. He said, no, he didn’t want to pass the continuing resolution. He didn’t want to take off the table a government shutdown.

And the second thing I introduced was a unanimous request to put in and say any amendments have to be subject to a 60-vote threshold.

And again, Harry Reid said, no. He objected and the reason he said no is he wants to be able to use a 51-vote, partisan vote of all Democrats to fund ObamaCare. And I think that’s wrong. I think that’s what Republicans need to unify to protect the House bill that passed. And if every Senate Republican stands with the House Republicans, we can stop Harry Reid from funding ObamaCare.

…This is a multi stage fight. The first stage was unifying the American people. We got over 1.6 million people who signed a national petition at don’tfund it.com.

The second step was the House vote on Friday (9.20.13), defunding ObamaCare. Just a couple weeks ago Washington said that was impossible.

The third step is this week, unifying Senate Republicans, getting all 46 Republicans to stand together.

And the next step is getting red state Democrats to come together to listen to the American people and stop the train wreck that is ObamaCare.

If we get Senate Republicans to stand together this week, that will change that dynamic…I can’t imagine any Republican who campaigned against ObamaCare voting on Friday along with Harry Reid and every Senate Democrat to empower Harry Reid to fund ObamaCare.

It’s the Friday vote that matters. And this week, the phone calls to the Senators are going to make all the difference.(http://www.foxnews.com/on-air/hannity/2013/09/24/sen-ted-cruz-defunding-obamacare-multistage-fight )

[Many Senators’ phone lines appear to have been blocked or else their voicemails are full. Please remember that most Senators have Facebook pages, and the public can post their messages there. – Donna Garner]



Mark Begich – AK – Dem.

Jeff Sessions – AL – Rep.

Mark Pryor – AR – Dem.

Mark Udall – CO – Dem.

Chris Coons – DE – Dem.

Saxby Chambliss – GA – Rep. (retiring)

Brian Schatz – HI – Dem.

Tom Harkin – IA – Dem. (retiring)

Jim Risch – ID – Rep.

Dick Durbin – IL – Dem.

Pat Roberts – KS – Rep.

Mitch McConnell – KY – Rep.

Mary Landrieu – LA – Dem.

Ed Markey – MA – Dem.

Susan Collins – ME – Rep.

Carl Levin – MI – Dem. (retiring)

Al Franken – MN – Dem.

Thad Cochran – MS – Rep.

Max Baucus – MT – Dem. (retiring)

Kay Hagan – NC – Dem.

Mike Johanns – NE – Rep. (retiring)

Jeanne Shaheen – NH – Dem.

Jeff Chiesa – NJ – Rep. (retiring)

Tom Udall – NM – Dem.

Jim Inhofe – OK – Rep.

Jeff Merkley – OR – Dem.

Jack Reed – RI – Dem.

Lindsey Graham – SC – Rep.

Tim Scott – SC 2 – Rep.

Tim Johnson – SD – Dem. (retiring)

Lamar Alexander – TN – Rep.

John Cornyn – TX – Rep.

Mark Warner – VA – Dem.

Jay Rockefeller – WV – Dem. (retiring)

Mike Enzi – WY – Rep.

[The Senate Conservatives Fund website gives such vital information as what Senators are retiring or are up for re-election, who has filed to run against them, when the next election date is, endorsements, vetting information, and other vital data about each Senator. After visiting the site, please do not forget to give a donation of whatever amount to help further the cause of the Senate Conservatives Fund. – Donna Garner]

Donna Garner


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