Outside Learning, DeBlasio and Mr. Ed

Aug 31, 2020 by

Mayor DeBlasio’s storied trouble putting his nose to the grindstone may be aggravated by his always having his head in the clouds.

His proposal for “outside learning” is so wacky that it might just have merit as a new television sitcom with a new script and scenario every week.  It would last for more seasons than Saturday Night Live.

Like Mr. Ed., the 1960s show about a talking horse whose voice could only be heard by Wilbur, an amiable, non-eccentric husband, whose relationship with his stereotypical wife was personal but with his horse was private.

It lacked the modern sophistication of SpongeBob SquarePants or The Simpsons, but Nobel Prize winners used to check their intelligence at the door and zealously enjoy some escapist silliness on their television screens.

It had an improbable formula and an absurd premise, but its viewer appeal was sustained and fan base fiercely loyal.  Bill DeBlasio may have germinated a storyline with a greater potential than what his mayoralty has fulfilled. A show about “outside learning” would have a lot in common with Mr. Ed. and wouldn’t require an equine skill set.

His scheme for outside learning” belongs in the Theater of the Absurd Hall of Fame. There are so many disqualifying factors, apart from the weather and intruder alerts and other security and logistical issues. Last week a teacher assigned to a site in Upper Manhattan died a month after he was struck by a random bullet while outside walking his dog. 

“We will be able to maintain the vibrancy of the school and school experience…”, said School Chancellor Richard Carranza.
Is he delusional or does he simply possess no “horse sense”?

Ron Isaac

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