The Overwhelming Task Of Keeping School Buildings In Usable Condition

Jun 9, 2016 by

All parents should be able to send their children to school knowing that their child is entitled to an environmentally healthy and risk-free learning atmosphere. It should be a given that learning happens in surroundings that are unpolluted and a well-maintained location.

Studies now show the connection between a child’s potential to learn and the overall condition of their classroom and school building. Meaning to say that the declining state of a school’s infrastructure must be even more critical when conversations regarding achievement gaps and how to close them occur.

Many governmental reports confirm that a child’s learning potential is adversely influenced by broken furniture, mold, and unsafe school yards. Unhealthy school environments are a reality across that nation with a typical school building being more than 40 years of age. With so many schools in a state of decline, it is easy to imagine how monumental a task it is to ensure every school building is in healthy and decent condition, suitable for learning.

Computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS), are software programs that will assist school maintenance teams to monitor the routine repair and service schedules and needs of each and every school in their district. Maintenance crews can make us of CMMS application to plan and schedule tasks, track down needed equipment, materials, and resources.

CMMS software encompasses an assortment of modules that serve various diverse maintenance responsibilities. School districts should compare cmms software to learn which system is best for their schools’ requirements. The selection of an appropriate CMMS system is an excellent step towards successfully managing the overwhelming task of keeping school buildings in suitable conditions.

Many school districts now find themselves overwhelmed by the number of deteriorating school buildings and the problem is only getting worse each day. Estimates place the number of American students attending schools in a state of decay at around 14 million.

CMMS software can help the district school boards manage and track the actions of their maintenance teams, estimate costs and distribute funds. CMMS increases accountability, ascertain the reasons for particular problems and propose solutions. An appropriate CMMS system will also control inventory, helping school districts save on acquisitions and forfeitures.

An overwhelming majority of educational facilities operate within harmful climates, containing such hazards as flaking paint on classroom walls, non-functioning toilets, plaster that is falling apart, inadequate lighting, insufficient air flow, and broken-down heating and air conditioning equipment.

These school buildings that are used in a state of disrepair impinge on not only students but teachers as well. Teachers are more likely to call in sick, be less efficient and have lower levels of job satisfaction and morale. Why pile this on to our students who are already suffering? Is the maintenance of school buildings really that overwhelming a task?

School districts are attempting to rectify this situation and make both their educators and learners comfortable and healthier, consideration needs to be given to the physical condition of the educational facilities. This suggests not only an increase in state and federal government funding for much-needed repair and maintenance but also an investment in CMMS software that will manage these requirements.

As there is not one seamless solution for all school districts, it is necessary for each judiciously to assess the different CMMS options available to them. Enlisting the aid of an industry expert who can offer communities the use of a collaborative and efficient assessment platform.

Working with a CMMS expert will prevent the purchase of ineffective software and efficiently assist and narrow the array of CMMS options, allowing school districts to optimize, evaluate, and onboard technology with ease. Keeping school building in working order need not be overwhelming but simply a matter of using a CMMS software platform.

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