PA school mulls Planned Parenthood clinic

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Planned Parenthood building
A proposal to let Planned Parenthood open a clinic in a high school in Reading, Pennsylvania, has been delayed, but parents need to remain vigilant.

The project was initiated by AccessMatters, a Philadelphia-based pro-abortion group that wants access to Reading High School students.

The group admits its in-school clinics funnel students to places where they can receive “sexual and reproductive health services,” a euphemism for abortion and contraception, LifeSiteNews points out.

Diane Gramley of the American Family Association of Pennsylvania says teens who would have gone to the clinic would have been victimized by the abortion-provider’s sex-ed program that encourages promiscuity.

“The real danger is that parents would not know that their student would be seeking advice from Planned Parenthood,” Gramley explains, “[which] has a history of helping teens lie to their parents about circumstances. In addition to that, [there’s] the fact that they have been known to cover up sex abuse of minors.”

Undercover investigations by the pro-life groups Life Dynamics and Live Action revealed clinic personnel helping underage girls obtain abortions and protecting the girls’ older boyfriends from prosecution.

There is also concern that the high school clinic would provide birth control to students without parents knowing and then refer them for abortions.

“Most of the abortions performed are because birth control has failed,” says Gramley. “And Planned Parenthood will not be telling them of sexually transmitted diseases – that [birth control] offers no protection whatsoever to the student.”

The school board has held a hearing but took no action amid an outcry from the community. Still, parents are being warned of a possible vote in August.

Source: PA school mulls Planned Parenthood clinic

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