What to Pack for University

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If you are about to begin your journey to your new university, in which you will be spending your next few years, you may be feeling an incredible mixture of nervous excitement and stress. Much of this stress can be managed by knowing that you have packed everything which you could possibly need to ensure that you stay on top of your workload, as well as your basic living needs.

The Essential Documents

This may seem like an obvious one, but many people forget to pack all of the necessary biographical and administrative documentation. This includes both your governmental documents such as your passport, identification document, and driver’s license, as well as the various papers a university requires to admit you into all of its various facilities.

Make sure that you have every piece of essential writing covering your entrance into your residential quarters (if you plan on living on the actual university campus), as well as your actual course acceptance letter. You will also need the relevant financial documents proving that you have successfully paid all of the initial university fees, as well as all of your credit cards and other financial documents.


There are many other devices which you will need other than your laptop. You may be in need of a new laptop, and will be looking at the best new laptops available. While this essential device will form the crux of much of your note-taking, learning, and assignment writing, don’t forget to include the other electronic devices which you use on a daily basis.

These include hair dryers and your cell phone and its charger. Remember that you may struggle to find enough plug points to accommodate all of your devices and their chords, so remember to pack sufficient extension leads. Headphones will also be needed for a lot of your media-based uses, as well as to get some privacy in what is often a very crowded environment.


The most important factor deciding what clothing gear you pack heavily depends on the environment your university is situated in. If you will be going into a snowy or generally frigid place, you will need protective and insulated clothing like jackets and hoodies, tracksuit pants, and scarves, gloves, and beanies. It is far easier to pack for somewhere that is generally hot, as you can take casual summer gear, not forgetting to pack warmer clothes for when things do get cold.

Remember to also take plenty of swimwear if you enjoy the beach or plan on making the most of a university’s swimming pools. Loungewear is also of the utmost importance, as you will be spending a lot of your time on campus loafing about your common rooms or bedrooms.

Other Important Items

You will have a lot of free time while on campus (depending on how much you need to study for your various subjects), so make sure to take things that will keep you entertained. Video game consoles, playing cards, and sporting equipment. A Swiss Army Knife is the essential tool for all of the arbitrary handiwork you may find yourself engaging with throughout the duration of your stay.

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