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In 1970 John Steinbecker published his book The Child Seducers. It told the story of how Sex Education was sneaked into American classrooms under titles like Family Life and Human Developement, etc., to deliberately deceive parents.

In it he exposed the organizations lobbying for sex ed and the names of the child seducers who ran them. But most of the money that supported the programs came from Lyndon Johnson’s Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965. That was the beginning and it only gets worse each year as you can read in Michael’s post. Now they are seducing babies.
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In writing the foreword for “The Child Seducers” my initial impulse was to enthuse over the completeness of John Steinbacher’s chilling expository. My considered opinion is, however – this book needs no endorsement, for Mr . Steinbacher has so precisely presented a vast amount of research that the book stands superbly on its own merits. The author graphically demonstrates the fact that the children of America are being gripped in the vise of either an unwise or unscrupulous education system, and are being forcefully made accessories to the incomes of huge publishing empires, and others. This factually presented information is sufficient to unsettle even the most complacent or indifferent reader.

Giant tax supported school system (and increasingly, the Parochial schools, as well) has become the vehicle through which Humanism will be made the new religious cult in America .

“So-called public schools are not public at all,” he wrote . “They are government-run, tax-supported institutions of rebellion and pornography . Children do not learn radicalism and perversion at home

Religions of all kinds claim that their sole purpose for existence is to “change” people, to restructure their lives around a set of values or beliefs they call a creed .

Family life and sex instruction courses are, by and large, written and designed by Humanists, a small, fanatical band of extremists who seek to impose their immoral cult upon millions of American children .

Also, it should come as no shock to realize that the Family Life course was deliberately designed and implemented tomake “good little Humanists out of the kids,” as one parent charged before the school board .

Without being classified as a Religion, the doctrine of Humanism penetrated and permeated the entire Family Life course, as described in the May 9, 1969 publication of the California State Department of Education booklet called Guidelines for Moral Instruction in California Schools .

Parental values are the target,” Steinbacher declared . “Attitudes can be changed, and behavior altered, but only by strenuous indoctrination, or the use of behavior modification “They say, `There is absolutely no moral absolute, and we know that, absolutely!’

actual “Sex Knowledge Inventory Tests” used in the school to secret meetings with sexologists charting courses in “how to deal with the opposition
to sex education in the schools .”

And as always, in the article absolutely no blame for any ofthe youth problems is attached to the school . It is the parent,
Page 213
the parent and yet again the parent .  Never mind that the schools have the students for most oftheir waking hours Never mind that the schools have done more to shape thethinking of today’s youth than any parents ever could . Never mind that rebellion, subversion and downright treasonare aided and abetted by thousands of teachers, with thehelp of their eager young charges.

However, the PTA writer makes us all feel better when he adds, as an afterthought, “Of course, few young persons expectto win every time .”
Mighty decent of them.

In the article on sex instruction, the national president of the PTA sounds off as if she had made up her mind in the crib that sex instruction was the greatest thing since Eve knew her apples, and nothing under God’s blue sky is going to change it .True, her opening paragraph does give a limp left handed pinky to the parents who don’t think sex instruction should be compulsory, but that is only to sucker in the gullible fish

DO YOUR OWN THING===  John Dewey  philosophy

Do-your-own-thing is the essence of the John Dewey
philosophy. It is the philosophy of the tax supported schools in America today, and it is the philosophy of a whole generation of young people who have chosen to digress to the animal level in all their undertakings .

Around 1921 John Dewey went to Russia and played a very significant role in setting up the educational system under Communism .  Just ten years later, by 1931, the entire country was in total disarray and chaos . The young roved the streets of the cities in terror gangs, wolf packs of depraved and degenerate sub-humans .

Illegitimacy rates skyrocketed, and venereal disease became a raging inferno from Moscow to Stalingrad .  The entire nation was in danger of immediate and total collapse .

By 1931, the ruling hierarchy in Russia realized that no civilization, not even Communism, could survive the do-yourown-  thing philosophy of John Dewey.  Stalin cracked down with a vengeance .  Thousands of young people were rounded up and shipped  off to Siberia, where they died in the mines . Others were given the choice of conforming to society or being shot .  It was a time of onerous suppression of dissent and do-yourown-
thingism .

The Russian educational system was transformed overnight into a Spartan, Puritanical system, with no frills and with absolute,
rigid discipline .  Communists learned their lesson – and they also learned how best to destroy a civilized nation like the United States .
They have been working on that premise ever since . And one of the programs best calculated to serve as the vehicle for the change agents is the so-called family life and sex instruction programs now being installed in schools all across
this land.

Dewey was smart enough to realize that the schools would be the vehicle to bring about the Fascist tyranny he dreamedabout and worked to bring into being.

“They (the schools),” he said, “take an active part in determining the social order of the future . . . according as the teachers align themselves with the newer forces making for social control of economic forces .”

The new policy found within the educational Grand Design has, as its basic philosophical tenet, the religion of Humanism and the teachers become directors (clinicians) of the student’s behavioral pattern and attitudes instead of disseminators of   knowledge . 244

Now, if the people of this country want their children to go to a psychiatric clinic every day, they would undoubtedly make the necessary arrangements. They most certainly have not authorized the transforming of their schools into mental hospitals.

The method through which the Grand Design is to bring about the desired attitude changes is found in Group Therapy .  That particular form of change agentry owes its impetus to Pavlovian psychology and the death of Freudian psychoanalysis, and the men responsible for sealing the Freudian
coffin are Dr. J.L. Moreno and the late Kurt Lewin .  Moreno stated at one point, ” . . . I was trying to plant the seeds of a creative revolution . The only way to get rid of the God syndrome is to act it out in class (role playing) .”

Thus the program is deliberately designed to produce good little humanists who will not believe in God .

Teachers were warned to be on guard against those who attacked progressive education. Analysts defined the hard core of Goslin’s opposition
as malcontents, reactionaries, those whose children did not do well in school, super-patriots, tax haters, race haters, the overzealous
and the over-ambitious.

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