Paralegal Schooling – Why Should You Consider It?

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Even though a paralegal cannot give legal counsel or represent clients, they can still wear many hats. They could be a gopher, an interviewer, a courtroom assistant, a legal secretary, etc.

Let us discuss some reasons, you may want to consider formal training in paralegal studies.

1.Growing demand for paralegals

Litigation does not depend on how good the economy is doing. Moreover, as long as people will need lawyers, the lawyers will need paralegals. Experts predict that the demand for paralegals will continue rising for at least a decade while other careers that require a similar level of education dwindle. This is especially so for those looking to live in an urban or metropolis area.

2. Nice salary

When juxtaposed to other 2-year degree programs, the paralegal salary is quite nifty. Also, there is more — you can grow your salary quickly by improving yourself, networking and moving to a busy city. According to the Bureau of Labor of Statistics, the median salary for a paralegal is $50,000. This is the average total household income for Canadians. Some of the top earners in the field make at least $80,000 which is great especially if you consider how much the degree program costs.

3. Lots of choices

Contrary to common belief, not all paralegal careers are similar. Even though most people assume that a paralegal must work in a law firm, there are lots of other opportunities in district offices, Non-Governmental Organizations, nonprofit organizations, church-based organizations, etc. With such a wide array of opportunities, a paralegal degree will give you the unique chance of choosing the career trajectory that appeals to you. Try Paralegal School Toronto and get exactly what you want.

4. Challenge yourself

A paralegal career is one of the best ways of challenging yourself with a job that will keep you on your toes. As a paralegal, you most likely will be working in a fast-paced environment with urgent trails coming up or rushing to beat a deadline because of the statute of limitations. You will rarely have slow days at the office. Basically, you will need to function like a well-oiled machine, mainly if you are serving more than one lawyer in a legal firm. This is, therefore, the perfect career for those who dislike boring and slow jobs.

5. Love of research

Love doing research? Then a paralegal career is an excellent fit for you. Apart from loving taking challenging roles, you must also have a knack for research. On an average day, you will be researching old cases, locating and reviewing legal precedents, and even digging through a judge’s notes to provide support to your firm. With the digitization of most legal records and documents, the modern paralegal must also have great “Googling” skills. However, you need a combination of both online and offline research skills because you will often have to reference an offline file to support some records you found on your computer.

These are some of the benefits of taking formal training in paralegal studies. As long as you are equal to the task, you will be on your way to a happy and fulfilling career.

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