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end common core
Monday, the Massachusetts Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE) released the preliminary results from the spring 2015 MCAS scores and the results from the students who took the PARCC exams.  Unfortunately both tests are currently aligned to Common Core.  Contrary to what PARCC proponents are declaring, the test results tell us nothing.
The two tests are still very different.  MCAS chiefly measures student achievement.   PARCC claims to measure College and Career Readiness but there is no evidence to support its claims.  Nor does it offer any definition of College and Career Readiness in either mathematics or English Language Arts.
The PARCC test began with 25 states participating.  Today only 7 states and DC remain with PARCC; all other states have defected with good reason.  
Massachusetts is on the brink of making a decision as to whether to utilize the dying PARCC tests or retain the Common Core-based MCAS tests.
The answer is not so simple.  Donna Colorio, Chairwoman of End Common Core MA states, “The unproven Common Core-aligned PARCC test is not for Massachusetts.  Maybe it’s for another state, but not the Commonwealth.  We are the leaders in education and should continue this trend.”  
As BESE debates whether to make MCAS or PARCC our official state test, even though both are Common Core-based, teachers and parents are declaring:  “We want local control of our education. We want our classrooms back.  Let’s return to the pre-2010 Massachusetts Standards.  It’s time to End Common Core now.”
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