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By Lee Duigon –

If you’re really serious about killing the culture, you have to kill the family. We have a lot of people in our country who really are serious about killing our culture, and they have been working very hard to kill the family.

To this end they created the welfare programs of the 1960s, which have destroyed the black family in the cities. Two out of three African-American children are raised in fatherless homes, because their mothers are rewarded for having out-of-wedlock children. At the same time, thanks to Planned Parenthood, about half the black babies conceived in our great cities are aborted. Planned Parenthood has snuffed out more black people’s lives than the KKK ever dreamed was possible.

Our rulers haven’t been able to get whites into the urban ghetto, so they come after white families with a weapon even more powerful than welfare: public education.

One of the objects of public education, as stated by its founders and developers since the early 19th century—and quoted in abundance by R. J. Rushdoony in “The Messianic Character of American Education” —is to undermine the family and eventually to phase it out of existence, leaving the rearing of the young to the tender mercies of “scientific experts.” Public educators have never dropped the ball on this.

From the beginning they want parents to know who’s boss. When a mother and father in Connecticut recently went to enroll their child in kindergarten, they were asked to fill out a form which included some rather intrusive questions, including this one:

“Type of birth: Vaginal____ Caesarian_____” [Read: Kindergarten Application Questions]

It doesn’t look like the school administration is going to get away with that one. Meanwhile, in Seattle, a much more ambitious scheme is in the works.

Without parents’ knowledge or consent, Seattle public schools have been implanting IUDs (intrauterine device) into schoolgirls, some of them as young as sixth grade, for birth control. The schools are doing this in collusion with the Washington State Health Care Authority.

First, starting in kindergarten or as late as first grade, they teach your children all about sex, especially in its more aberrant forms. Almost always, this pre-empts any instruction that the parents or the church might give: the school gets there first, and the family must play catch-up.

Next they teach the kiddies how to have sex. Some readers will doubt me. It’s too bad they couldn’t come along with me to the sex educators’ conventions I have covered. The hard part about covering those is that there’s always so much that’s just too filthy to print. When I taught in public schools in the 1990s, students were forbidden to bring home any sex education class materials. Parents were not allowed to see them.

The third step, naturally, is to equip children to have sex. Hence the IUD. Because it’s implanted, there’s no worry about forgetting to use it. Although public educators have always expressed their whole-hearted support of abortion, they would rather not see a wave of teenage pregnancies in any single school district. It might make the natives restless.

And so they enlist the children in a conspiracy against their parents, and strike a blow against the family. What else there is to do, along these lines, I don’t know. Make sex compulsory? Make various kinds of sexual experience a requirement for high school graduation? All we know for sure is that libs ‘n’ progs can’t truly enjoy anything unless they can make it compulsory for others. And we know that “progressive thinkers”—don’t you just love it?—since the 19th century have viewed the family as an obstacle to socialism. The 19th century has a lot to answer for.

In spite of all this—after all, it’s only one of thousands of isolated incidents in all 50 states of the Union—most people continue to send their children to public schools to be educated by a passel of antichrists. They don’t seem to mind all that much if the educators treat the children’s parents as a mere annoyance. And so the out-of-wedlock birth rate, the babies born into fatherless homes, to become the favorite prey of the predatory state, goes up and up. But don’t worry. It can’t get any higher than 100 percent.

What’s going to happen when we run out of freedoms that can be taken away, and liberals still hunger for more of them?

© 2015 Lee Duigon – All Rights Reserved

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    Any Communist knows they must BREAK DOWN the family and have the kiddies look TO the State as their new family. Hitler did it too. Remember the Nazi Youth Brown Shirts? It’s the same thing going on now in the PUBLIC school system. Disconnect the students from their natural family and take over raising them to INDOCTRINATE them the way YOU want them to be.

    Recently Hillary Clinton suggested we have GOVERNMENT BOARDING SCHOOLS for kids pre-K – 12th grade! yes, she is an ambitious one…..

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