Parents are barrier to child’s government schooling

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CONCORD, N.H. – New Hampshire Gov. Maggie Hassan thinks parents are a barrier to children’s education.

Hassan on Friday vetoed a bill that would have given parents the right to review material on human sexuality and sex education presented to their children in school and given them the ability to opt their child out of portions of the curriculum, the Associated Press reports.

“This bill would make it more difficult for young people to receive critical public health education and it could affect a wide range of curricula — including science and the study of important literature, ranging from Mark Twain to Shakespeare,” Hassan said in her veto message, according to the Union Leader.

“By requiring schools to provide no less than two weeks’ notice to parents of all materials — literary books, textbooks, worksheets, videos, online resources — that even touch upon human sexuality or human sexual education,” Hassan said, “this bill imposes strict, over-burdensome notification requirements that could lead to schools avoiding material of merit and historical importance because it could potentially elicit objections and even litigation.”

Keith Katsikas, founder of the Student & Parent Rights Advocacy Group who led the charge in support of the bill, released a statement to EAGnews about the governor’s veto, and the message it sends to the public.

“I was a huge proponent for this bill, sponsored by Rep. Victoria Sullivan, which would have simply required parents to be notified two weeks prior to subject matter taught in school dealing with human sexuality or sex education. While it didn’t surprise me that ultra liberal Gov. Maggie Hassan vetoed the bill, some of the reasons she gave for doing so were rather disturbing,” Katsikas wrote.

“The governor stated in her statement, ‘ … this bill would make it more difficult for young people to receive critical public health education …’ She continued by saying, ‘… this bill aims to put in place additional barriers for New Hampshire students who decide to access education about sexua health.’

“I can see, now, why Governor Hassan vetoes any bill that crosses her sight that regards parental rights. The governor of New Hampshire believes that parents are a ‘barrier’ between students and their education.

“If that doesn’t disturb every single parent reading this, I don’t know what the heck will,” Katsikas wrote.

Other parents rights groups expressed a similar sentiment.

“The vetoes by Governor Hassan this year are showing her to be one of the most anti-parental rights governors we’ve seen in New Hampshire in a long time,” Ann Marie Banfield, education liaison for Cornerstone Action, told the Union Leader.

Other left-wing groups, like abortion provider Planned Parenthood of Northern New England, applauded the governor’s veto.

Jennifer Fizzell, president of the local Planned Parenthood, told the news site the bill would “jeopardize the ability of New Hampshire’s young people to get the critical health information they need to form healthy relationships, avoid sexually transmitted infections and prevent unintended pregnancy.”

Ed Swiderski, who commented on the Union Leader, believes the governor’s veto is rife with “lame excuses.”

“Critical health information provided to children should come from responsible parents as part of their job to properly raise kids and begin at an early age. At least that’s the way it should be,” Swiderski wrote.

“But now, we have the liberal-dominated public school system in this country taking a greater role in raising the kids, usurping the role of the family and foisting whatever garbage and perversion they want upon the students and the parents have less and less say in the matter as time goes on. This decades-long growing trend that we are seeing in the schools is a reflection of the moral decay of society as a whole,” he continued.

“Sadly, that decay has influenced too many of our so called educators. We can probably write a book on the subject. Teachers having sex with students, to start with. It’s a very different country than when I grew up and I’m not that old. All a part of the Progressive agenda, I guess. It’s progress that we can best do without.”

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