Parents confront HS officials about email concerning ‘Diversity Day’

Mar 5, 2016 by

Some parents of Gateway High School students are upset about how they felt the school handled its “Diversity Day” event on Friday.

Angry parents confronted school board members during an emergency meeting called Friday night about an email concerning the planned event.

“Whoever gave you the idea that saying nothing up here was a good idea gave you really bad advice,” one parent said after the board members declined to answer any questions.

Those in attendance wanted to know who formulated and sent out emails, phone calls and a Facebook post – which has since been removed – this week after an out-of-school fight on Tuesday in Monroeville Park.

The controversial post called for a “Diversity Day” and encouraged students to wear Gateway shirts and “Black Lives Matter” shirts.

Parents said the district’s post took a juvenile schoolyard brawl and added a firestorm of racial tension.

“The email, the phone call, the post: Y’all made it worse,” another parent said.

Hundreds of students did not attend school Friday following the announcement of the “Diversity Day.”

Rumors circulated that white students who wore black shirts to school on Friday would be targeted, Channel 11’s Courtney Brenna reported.

“My daughter doesn’t want to go here anymore. She wants to go to cyber-school,” a parent said.

School board members said this is a personnel issue, and they were still investigating who sent out the emails and post.

Parents at Friday’s emergency meeting called for the removal of the superintendent and assistant superintendent.

School board members said they didn’t know that the district sent out the email and post about the event. The board said it was safe for students to go to school on Monday.

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