Parents Face Pushback for Handing Out Common Core Fliers

Sep 22, 2014 by

In generating a lot of interest from parents, the heating Common Core debate also has generated a lesson about the value of two-way communication.

El Paso County mom Traci Burnett decided to distribute event fliers to other parents in Lewis-Palmer District 38. Along with other volunteers, the plan was to place copies of the homemade leaflets on the windshields of vehicles in five different elementary school parking lots while parents were gathered for back-to-school night on Sept. 4.

The fliers advertised a Sept. 22 Common Core forum she and other area parents were hosting. Featured at the event are current and former elected officials and others, representing different views about the national academic standards that have set off far-reaching debates about the controversial curriculum, standardized testing, and student data privacy.

The event is scheduled to take place at an elementary school in neighboring Academy School District 20, because Burnett has had no success in previous requests to use District 38 facility space for events.

Burnett had checked once with the local police to make sure the activity was okay. She didn’t expect they would be involved again — mainly because she didn’t expect Bear Creek Elementary Principal Peggy Parsley and her staff to come out and remove about 100 of the fliers. When school staff wouldn’t stop and Burnett insisted she had a right to place the information, they called upon local law enforcement to intervene.

The Monument police officer who arrived on the scene reportedly indicated that school staff had as much legal right to remove the fliers as Burnett and her compatriots did placing them on the vehicles in the first place. Another volunteer at Lewis-Palmer Elementary reportedly was confronted by staff as she placed fliers. No problems were reported at three other sites.

Disputed Policy

Given the flier’s content, Burnett finds the school parking lot pushback somewhat puzzling. “All I can think is that this is someone feeling threatened, and they shouldn’t,” Burnett said. “There was nothing remotely aggressive about it.”

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