Parents having final say on ‘Teachers’

Mar 14, 2016 by

A parents’ advocacy group continues to garner victories in its protest over a controversial show on the cable network TV Land. has been contacting sponsors of the series Teachers, asking the companies to stop advertising on the show. OneMillionMoms director Monica Cole explains successes thus far.

“A large percentage of the advertisers that OneMillionMoms has contacted have pulled their sponsorship from the program,” she begins, “because not only does it mock and belittle teachers, it shows very little respect for educators – and it also mocks the Christian faith in this particular series on TV Land.

“And so between Eggland’s Best,, Poise [all pulling their advertising support], we’re just seeing victory after victory.”

Cole tells OneNewsNow those businesses understand it’s not good to be associated with the content of the show.

Cole, Monica“The profanity, the innuendos, the implications and encounters are extremely inappropriate to be airing on television,” Cole states. “So we’ll just keep plugging away and working hard to help keep our television airwaves clean.”

The 1MM leader adds that momentum is building against the show – and that the voices of parents are being heard.


Source: Parents having final say on ‘Teachers’

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