Parents reveal insane Common Core worksheets

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Robby Soave –

Furious parents are taking to Twitter to explain their frustration with the new Common Core standards, posting screenshots of incomprehensible Core-aligned worksheets and tests.

The unintentionally hilarious images were collected by Twitchy.

My daughter’s kindergarten common core workbook.

leonie haimson @leoniehaimson

.@PeterMDeWitt on standardized tests in preK-2; if all agree they’re bad why are they given?

@leoniehaimson @PeterMDeWitt @edweek kids can’t learn 6×8= 48 anymore its now 6×8=(5+1)x8 Why the confusing work

Rubinstein noted that he couldn’t figure out what the page wanted students to do, other than marvel at squares and circles.

Here’s a screen shot of the answer key for a questionable homework assignment from Common Core for 3rd grade grammar.

With such awesome, child-appropriate wording as “How does Topic C use the array model to move the learning forward?” it’s surprising this wasn’t an English assignment. Not that it works much better as a math assignment. In any case, Common Core deems it worthy of second and third graders.

Daily Caller readers have already been introduced to this lesson on possessive nouns doubling as a authoritarian propaganda. The worksheet is intended for third graders, proving that it is never too early to learn that, “An individual’s wants are less important than the nation’s well-being.” What’s next? “Verb Tenses and Why You Love Big Brother, You Have Always Loved Big Brother,” would be a good guess.

“Dear Family Member.” Parents, break out your brass fasteners and get ready to help your children learn to pronounce words! By spinning circles, or something.

The addition problems on the left are simple enough. No idea what the Tetris game on the right is all about.

Maybe it’s a philosophical question. What is competition, anyway?

Of course if you ask Education Secretary Arne Duncan, the above parents are probably just irrational white moms.

via EPIC FAIL: Parents reveal insane Common Core worksheets | The Daily Caller.

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