Parents’ Revolt: Backlash May Save ‘Colonial Day’ in Arlington Elementary Schools, For Now

May 3, 2017 by

ARLINGTON — School administrators in a town that played an important role in Paul Revere’s midnight ride are responding to backlash from parents after they elected to eliminate a tradition in which third grade students dress up in colonial garb as part of a day dedicated to learning about life during colonial times.

The motives behind the push to ban colonial costumes apparently stemmed from fears that students from other ethnic backgrounds may feel excluded, according to an email Superintendent of Schools Kathleen Bodie sent to parents last week.

“The intent of the original decision was to create a more inclusive experience for all students in response to concerns expressed by families and community members who believe that because of their family’s history or cultural heritage, the historical narrative of Colonial Day has not been reflective of what their ancestors may have experienced,” Bodie wrote.

According to an informational packet supplied by Hardy Elementary School, “Colonial Day is a one-day event held each year at Hardy School for 3rd graders to experience life in Colonial times.”

“In the past, children have dressed up as colonists or Native Americans. Girls have worn long skirts, loose blouses, aprons, scarves, and bonnets or straw hats,” the flier notes. “Boys have worn long pants tucked into light socks, large loose shirts or vests, tri-cornered hats, and belts crisscrossed across the chest for soldier gear.”

Colonial Day is slated for Wednesday, May 17.

Source: Parents’ Revolt: Backlash May Save ‘Colonial Day’ in Arlington Elementary Schools, For Now | NewBostonPost

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